There is energy in our thoughts, words and deeds. Choose the higher energy and it chooses you.

Seeing the World through the Lens of Spiritual Abundance

The identity you hold determines your field of possibilities and the realities you activate into your life. If you’re not sure whether your identity is one of scarcity or abundance, become a detective in your own life, observing and making notes on things you habitually say, do and feel around the issue of money. If you find yourself constantly saying you can’t afford things or that you’re “broke,” or “poor,” this is an indicator you have some degree of scarcity consciousness. Beliefs about scarcity often are passed from one’s family and are therefore deeply ingrained. This heritage of scarcity thinking can be transformed but it requires cultivating awareness and an openness to changing any aspects of your consciousness that are still invested in scarcity.

Learning the Inherent Worth of All Beings

It’s difficult to manifest any significant amount of abundance when your thoughts are holding onto lack in any way. While you may speak affirmations to the contrary and create positive visions of what you wish to manifest, these efforts won’t succeed if underneath the surface, you’re playing old tapes attuned to the frequency of lack. These tapes are often created early in life. In fact, if you’re experiencing lack in any way, there are likely moments you can trace back to your childhood where you received programming that implied you are not worthy of having what you dream of.

This is not saying you are a victim in any sense. When a spirit chooses the condition of unworthiness from the shopping list of available life experiences, this choice is made from a need at the soul level to learn the inherent worth of all beings. Maybe you have come to accept your own inherent worth, but your inner child of the past is still confused and feeling unworthy. This is enough to keep you from experiencing abundance in your present moment. These unresolved feelings may spin out self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from moving forward until you have healed your inner child. As you bring your focus and attention to those parts of yourself in need, you heal your past and present and clear the way to peacefully transition to the next step on your path.

When you’re ready to step into emotional freedom with a healed and spiritually aligned consciousness, you’re ready to see the world through the lens of abundance.

Seeing the World through the Lens of Spiritual Abundance

When you see the world through the lens of abundance, there is always plenty, always more than enough. In your most abundant state, you’re able to telepathically commune with your higher self, your guides and angels. You understand that when you set about bringing the visions you receive from your higher self into physical reality, resources flow to help manifest that reality. Life force energy flows in great abundance, as does joy and love and happiness. It is in this way that you manifest the version of yourself that is aligned with your highest vision.



Excerpt from Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your
Dreams by DL Zeta

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