The Universe is saying: Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.

— Klaus Joehle

From Agartha with Love and Secret Forces

From Agartha with Love as a Collective Messenger 10.5.2012

Hello we are from within your planet that we all term Gaia and we wish to communicate with You as a collective today and have returned to discuss current situations on your planet and in your United States as to those that have ceaselessly carried out the whims of those that proclaim themselves the ruling class of the current dimension.

Patrick: If you do not mind I would like to discuss the recent spraying of the skies around Los Angeles, California as I am under the impression that these have stopped or slowed down considerably and of course there is no way to know for sure. It has been 3 days of constant activity in the skies around here

Agartha: Those sprayings you refer to over the city of Angels and other cities of significance are the last remnants of an oligarchy attempting to cause a last ditch series of events that they feel will ultimately lead them to a victory, a form of their creation or a type of ‘Ha ha, you can’t stop me”.

Their methods are more scattered than they have been before. As you witnessed at Mount Shasta they attempted to spray before this last Equinox and were thwarted in their efforts by forces unseen. Please trust your insight. We saw that you noticed the start and stopping of their spray tactics. Those forces could not complete their grid pattern and called off their efforts and left the area. You intuitively knew this and also witnessed this.

As you could see over the City of Angels, their trails of attempted chemical spraying were intermittent unlike in the past. Their mechanisms for the spraying have been interfered with as to make the solution placed into the environment inert.
Patrick: I think my brothers and sisters within their heart hear this and may at some level within the soul know this but how can we be sure that the groundwork and efforts of those that attempt to harm are being diffused? How can we be sure that the ingredients or that within the spray is indeed harmless and that this is an exercise in futility.

Agartha: We understand your concern and we will address this question by saying that the spray itself is harmless as the essence of the harming compounds within the liquid pumped into their machines was indeed neutralized before it entered the plane in much the same way the H1N1 had been neutralized and the corresponding vaccine, the swine flu was neutralized and its corresponding vaccine, the bird flu was neutralized and its corresponding vaccine and the most recent soap box antics of whooping cough in your country has been neutralized and never materialized. Let us look back and see how the press touted their owner’s wishes to create a panic so that vaccinations were to be generously and freely given to the public in the name of a humanitarian effort. Were these diseases ever spread far and wide?

As you well know the answer is that those man-made diseases never came to fruition as those whom created them desired, and as such there will never be another epidemic or another pandemic that is created and proclaimed by the few that deem themselves at the top.
The issue at stake here for those that claim superiority is that there is only one direction that can be traveled once at the perceived top of the mound, one of their own creation. Just like a drug addict cannot blame others for their downturn those at the top can only stay in that position for a relatively short period of time, as you know it. Eventually the drug addict hits what you call a bottom and then has only one direction to travel if the clarity of the individual is present. That direction is one of the Phoenix that can rise from the ashes in glorious splendor. The magnificence of this act is not the rising above in this manner but that an individual makes a concerted effort to rise above him or herself while in a state of uncertainty, to rise above with all the love of self-one can muster. For those that exist on this planet to control, thieve and harm are all created with the same ‘stuff’ as everyone else that has come forth in this time and in this space; with love, kindness, light and a desire to be a friend to those that would ask.

So those that are in, as you term, the dark, have chosen a path that is ultimately here to assist those brothers and sisters to decide and declare what it is they truly desire; that of peace, those tenants of harmony, that of a clear and decisive health of body, spirit and mind and an experience of abundance in all things in the time of here and now. Inadvertently they have created their own demise.

Are these not the things that all choose? So those that have chosen to harm are here for a purpose, to show those aware that there truly is another way, one not of servitude but one of service, one not of fear but one of joy and a faith and a knowingness that all is and will be okay. A gift has been given in that the motivations to change almost always result from contrary action. Slavery in the past of the United States was man created and the act of eliminating physical slavery is also of man’s creations arising from that which you as a collective decided did not work and afterwards you as a race began to choose differently. Again slavery of the physical form was also created by those few that considered themselves at the top to serve those that considered themselves separate and to create that sense of separation from those that deemed themselves superior against a backdrop of those they considered not at the pinnacle of man-created wealth.

As you of the heavens are wholly aware there exists another form of slavery that is much more subtle but has all the trappings of a form of servitude that is harsher than the whippings and manacles of people in times from your past. For the realizing of this form of hardship at first created anger within, and by the light of your consciousness you realized that this awareness was also man made and designed to enslave you once again. This is how you of the light power perceive your environment in these times of the now and why you have also chosen to create differently.

We from Agartha are here to assist so that, if you choose, you may realize that those within the darkness of their own creating were not prepared for an unleashment of the most powerful force on your planet, in the space and in all of the cosmos; this power is what you reading this have come to know as Love.

Let us think back in a time scale as to why the groups that decided to control decided that a power as Love would not and could not be allowed to flourish on the surface. We here within and above this planet believe you all know the answer. For no matter how powerful ones who control believe themselves to be above there is absolutely nothing that can counter the effects and the power of Love when given directly from the soul, when offered from the heart without asking for nothing in return. Think why this power has been stifled until now.

Thank them that have oppressed for they have shown you exactly what it is you do want for yourselves by virtue of experiencing what you do not want. In this way your Albert Einstein was correct about his thoughts and papers on the issue of relativity. For if there is no perceived injustice how can one find it in them self to create and feel a justice, such as an equality of all, not equality for those few at the top of a financial heap or those with the most powerful weapons.

We know you all have now experienced the power of Love ceasing all major destructive elements on this planet. To be repetitive those weapons that have been created to harm or cease the existences of great masses have been not allowed their intended purpose. We realize this is not new information but it bears repeating as it directly relates to our discussion today with Patrick and you that are reading. Repetition breeds remembrance.

Patrick: We here on the surface choose to believe all that has been said about the dark and that their empire is crumbling, the minions of the labeled cabal are jumping ship and those that are here to assist; the white knights and the positive military. I do have a belief in God; although I can experience a God or a creative force in my life I do not have empirical evidence that there is a God. Does this negate the experience for me? Absolutely not for I have had experiences that if it was just up to my being in my experiences here I know I would have chosen differing paths at various periods of my existence here without the assistance of something benevolent and guiding.

So we do see signs of a crumbling financial empire in the news and I think the majority believe that it is now being held together by a few at the top of their own perceived heap by duct tape. After time though even duct tape wears out and loses its strength when exposed to light. We (our brothers and sisters of light) have read stories of nuclear weapons in Britain and the Unites States and their missile launches failing. We saw North Korea’s missile launch fail and it appears they have realized that they still cannot explain why it failed and have no plans for a another launch.

I suppose, if I could speak for others, we would like to see something concrete that reinforces our “see…I told you so!” factor. I do believe. I do feel that all that we hear is so. This has been slow to materialize and as in the beginning I wanted to believe what is being proclaimed about our soon to be experienced freedom and then I felt I had to tap on the brake a little, not screech to a halt but slow down and observe. I know from some past head knocks that it is best to tread slowly but boldly and sometimes take a break and observe a little.

I talked with some of my family and friends about some of the freedoms to come awhile back and it is no one’s fault, but there is a definite CNN mindset with the majority. It was necessary to learn this quickly. So now I have decided afterward to just toss out a snippet of information and see how the hook was approached. They said “none of this is on CNN or FOX so surely this cannot be true”. I just felt that it was not my responsibility to force feed something that could not be grasped or would not be embraced. Not my job. So I post on various sites and create a program of attraction and one not of promotion for there are certainly others out there that are aware, on a deep level, that changes are occurring even though it takes some curtain lifting on the internet to disseminate all of the various conflicting sources.

Those of us reading this are fortunate in that we have learned that no matter the source, trusted or untrusted we have the power of resonance to peel back the onion layers of alternate news, so called channelings, authors and bloggers to create a healthy heart space in as far as information is concerned; it is within all of us we just need to access that power and be willing to be open to its discerning glory.

Agartha: There are those that have chosen to stay with the beliefs that have formed as they have occurred over lifetimes because to have another shatter one’s beliefs creates the statement that “what I have been thinking, saying and acting all this ‘time’ is a farce” and this is too much change to absorb for the average individual that may not be open to change. Worry not as all who embrace the new world paradigm as You are seeing it play out have a space, a task that will be involved in the assistance of those that choose to ‘see the light’. We joke but in spirit this is a truth.

The forcing of issues on others has been the paradigm of old of religions and governments and has never worked efficiently. We will use the example of, those that become addicted to harmful substances once again. When one chooses to cease the ingestion of these substances or modify their behavior so that they may get their wife or family back or get the right and perfect job or not go to be incarcerated or for a reason outside of themselves and does not chooses to cease this behavior for the benefit of their own being, the results are rarely lasting. Yet when one decides that they wish to halt this form of self-destruction because they feel compelled by their inner-self then the chances are improved that longevity will be with them in their endeavor, for finally they have chosen to accomplish something for themselves by themselves.

This is why the most successful forms of organizations are those that allow the people to govern themselves, to shape their own environment in the form of equality for all in their structures, rules (if any) and their financial well-being and that their leaders are but trusted servants, to quote a famous and successful group on your surface. Keep your eye on Iceland and the people’s progress in that nation. We elaborate on issues affecting your family on the surface so that You may continue to realize why it is that You all are here for.

As You are all aware there is rarely a practical experience that is seen with the eyes, something that you can touch with your finger or clearly see with your mind, yet we ask that you go to your place of knowing, deep within, that you find your comfort. There is a reason that more and more of your family on Gaia are now joining the path of creating a world by and for the people and this is because this movement intrinsically feels good, it feels as if it is meant to be and most are aware, to certain degrees, that something is inherently not right in the outside world yet are not sure how to alter its course.

Patrick: We would like to believe, and I apologize for the pushing of the topic, and we want to be a part of… But I am sure most of us would like to experience tangible results. There are those that are financially destitute and do believe, and there are those that have severe health issues and would truly like to believe, and there are those of us that choose to believe but their hope is waning.

Could we receive some sort of clarity, some sort of physical aspect of the process of either Ascension that is currently playing out or perhaps a small juicy hint of abundance being dispersed to those in need.

Agartha: We will be glad to assist in the understanding of the processes currently taking place and we will tell You this; You of your movement towards a more satisfying experience on Your Gaia are creating just that. Just think of the dictator that tells his people that they have all they want yet the people know different and to the world they are expected to act as if…What would happen if a group of advanced beings came in and said we will give you a better way of life, we will give you a more abundant and joyful set of experiences for you and your family?

All their lives they have been told what to think, what to do and what to feel. If a group came in and all of a sudden altered their current state of reality without raising their consciousness do you believe it would take root and grow towards a positive outcome?
A great example is that of your lottery winners where overnight those of destitution have millions of dollars at their disposal and what happens over and over again? Within a short period of time the money has vanished and the lottery winner is often far worse off than before. There is a simple explanation for this and it is because their consciousness was not sufficiently raised to account for a differing life experience, even though it was a step in a positive direction. They continued to stay in a poverty consciousness and as such continued to create the same thing yet once again. So it is the power of thought of people that are aware or unaware. We may suggest that one be aware of your environment and what thoughts you may tell yourself

Those that are formless, our angelic family members, those in the cosmos and those of us within Gaia have been nudging You and waiting with you of the surface to raise the majority consciousness so that when the time comes to meet, your beliefs are not shattered, that you are in a ready state of mind and thought to accept that which is divinely decreed, which is Your Ascension upward and a meet and greet with your family of space. This is why those of You that know and have raised the bar of consciousness for yourselves and each other are to be those that will further assist those not quite up to same mileage marker.

Patrick: I see more clearly now and Thank You for explaining it so simply. I do not even think I would have understood this even a year ago although it would have felt right but I might not have registered it properly. I also see now that it has always been up to ourselves to facilitate our change and to raise our consciousness, and that is why you have been jumping for joy when you see us take the bull by the reins and assert concrete actions for the betterment of our family. For then our transitions will be natural and will not be rooted in old behavior such as fear, anger, worry, doubt or lack which I am assuming we could easily slip back into, like the lottery winner, if we had not made a conscious choice and continued our self-growth.

Agartha: You have grasped the message well Patrick. We will go now but are never far. We are from Agartha with love.

Patrick: Thank you!


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