Abandon rules, love as you will…

— Mayday

“What would you do if you knew your success was guaranteed?”

Today we would like to bring your attention to your unlimited potential. All of you are sitting on a mountain of tremendous potential but often times it goes unnoticed, unused and left on the “back burner” for the right time. Often humans wait for the right circumstances to appear before they attempt to achieve a long standing goal. We see this as very unfortunate. We say that it is unfortunate because we see just how powerful all of you truly are. We see the true potentials already manifested because in our reality they already are accomplished.

For many humans, their fear of failure is stronger than their desire is to achieve their dreams. You are selling yourself short by never attempting it at all. By waiting for the “right” circumstances to appear before you are willing to give your goals and desires a shot, never really allows you to blossom into the master creators that you really are. So we ask you, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? We can tell you this, you create the perfect circumstance by taking the first steps to achieving your dreams. Remember that faith followed by action is incredibly powerful. By allowing your mind to consider this possibility brings in so much more potential into your consciousness. Many never dare to dream, many never act on their dreams because they are too afraid that it won’t work, or that it is impossible to achieve them. How can your dreams come true if you are too afraid to take the steps that would allow them to manifest?

Many of you spend much of your time day dreaming. You dream about what could be, or what you really wish would happen; but how many of you have taken action to begin your path to creating those circumstances to manifest in your reality? Some of you have and we commend you for this, but others spend too much time in the planning and not enough time acting. This is human nature; many of you plan and plan for what you want; that was only necessary in the old energy. We ask you now to embrace the new energy; one that will truly allow your dreams to manifest before you if you will just take that leap of faith. We want so much for you to be happy, and yet we watch as many of you perform mundane tasks entrenched in the day to day grind of everyday life, none of which is fulfilling to your true nature, to your soul. What is it that you would truly do if you didn’t have any limitations? Would you spend your time traveling? Would you spend your time helping others in need? Would you spend your time cooking or writing? What are you passionate about? What makes your hearts sing?

Many of you have asked us what your soul’s purpose is, what are you “supposed” to be doing. We find this question to be humorous due to your innocence. Only you can truly know what brings you the most joy. We can tell you that you have come here to share your light. To experience joy in the physical and by experiencing joy you allow others to share in your delightful existence. Humans tend to complicate things. And yet the path with least resistance allows you to be within the divine flow. Follow your joy, and success will indeed follow. By removing all of the reasons why something will or won’t work and focusing on simply what you love to do will truly allow the most success into your lives. Remember that success is not always labeled by how much money you make, but by how much joy and peace it brings to both you and others; however that is a long topic and we can discuss that at another time. You can say “well I love to shop, how could I possibly follow my dream to just shop all day?” Well to that we would say, there are many others who do not find joy in shopping, and you could in turn become a personal shopper for those who do not find it as enjoyable as you do. Remember that a task that you find both enjoyable and yet brings value to another is the winning combination. All of you have so many gifts that you could share with the world. It’s time that you step out there and begin sharing them!

We always say that worrying is like hoping, in reverse. One is focusing on what you are wishing for, and the other is focused on what you are afraid will happen. Which one do you choose to give your energy towards? Both are focused on something which has not happened yet; only you can decide which you would prefer to experience.

If you pursued your goals with as much vigor and intensity that you give to worrying that they won’t work or that you can’t achieve them for whatever reason, you would be in awe of just how quickly your lives would change in a very short amount of time. Imagine what your lives would look like. Would you be in the same profession? Would you commit to the same relationships? Would you live in the same place? Would you live your life the same way? If your answer is no to any of these, then we implore you to get clear about what it is you would change. What do you really want? Dare to dream bigger! The universe is unlimited. It doesn’t matter if you take a lot or a little, there will always be enough. So what is it that you truly want?

We want to leave you with this one last thought, what would you do if you knew your success was guaranteed?

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides.

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