You can only fail if you give up, beloveds.

— Archangel Michael

Self-Empowerment Through Prayer

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Self-Empowerment Through Prayer

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ October 05 – 12, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller
October 05, 2012

Yes! There is real power in prayer. Your prayer is you asking to be heard and we do hear your words even if they are spoken in the barest of a whisper. Our response to you may be quiet but we are with you always in support and love; directing you with as much uplifting energy that is possible. Your words of prayer and of creation describe dear ones illustration that is a mystical and profound release that is silent yet speaks in volumes of your need and urge of spiritual freedom. This yearning your heart and soul feels transcends as a condition that is instinctive in every species of life. The chemistry involving relationships with development of the consciousness is needed when there is a great shift of consciousness approaching that is paving the way to higher realms. Just as a juvenile seedling pushes itself upward towards the sun, and as a human child removes themselves from parental influence; you can as well reach forward towards the divine existence of your own nature that is filled with divine life. It is a sacred hunger that causes each of you to unite with your blueprint that within each of you and allowing your journey to bring you into completion. You must let go with what is holding you back and embrace the Light and Love that is your gift that expands and grows as you do.
Your prayer is how you employ a higher way of being when you consciously choose to participate in your own re-creation. How is it you re-create yourself dear ones? Well, you do this quite often. Every time you pass through a certain phase of your spiritual progression, you are re-birthing, changing and what you are leaving behind is ‘what once was’ and this release provides room to grow. You must choose dear ones to invoke the higher power as many of you are not only preparing but accepting their roles as co-creators in the enormity of the Divine Plan that speaks of unending and unconditional love for all peoples regardless of culture or creed. As awakened children, you can do this now consciously. Even unawakened souls will still receive what is needed for when they waken to the Light of God. Your participation is your choice and yes it does require responsibility to understand where you are going instead of simply putting yourself into the midst of chaos head first.
Invocation is a self-assertive, active method of prayer. It is without the inert implications created by religious influences of the past. Even for the many dear souls that continue with what is described as common prayer, this practice is often looked upon as a weakness because there was an impression that if you pray you must be weak. Many of you have discovered the power of prayer and through devout prayer many dear souls are able to release emotional upset that aids the person praying with self-empowering capabilities. And self-empowerment is essential dear ones, it is a co-creative request to a Greater Power that demonstrates you are ready to dedicate and are eager to begin fulfilling your divine mission. The esteemed power of prayer dear ones provides each of you a boost of strength that is shared with you from God, to further empower you to persevere and to continue bringing forth uplifting energies that are love filled. When you invoke your qualities to represent your God-liked-ness you are then making a commitment to pass your divine abilities through your mind, heart and body as they rise from within you that is provided from God. Co-creation dear ones is your demand, your request that shows true willingness and responsibility that you are ready to know more and to be more.
As you move through your journey dear ones, many of you will meet your energy centers, otherwise known as your spiritual vehicles and as chakras. I work within the section that is the Base of the Spine. It is here dear ones where many must begin their work that will connect them to the physical world, earth and the nature that surrounds them. It is here dear ones many will discover their Kundalini or Mother Light. The health of this chakra affects all other chakras. Each of you has within you the Kundalini energy. It remains completely undeveloped until it is awakened. There are many ways to waken this energy such as meditation, prayer and various yoga practices. How you determine the light in this energy center will decide whether or not the remaining of your chakras will fully open. When your chakras are fully opened, the sacred fire will spiral up your base, nourishing each of the chakra centers with the purity of its Light.
There are many lessons to learn from your base chakra that involves how you relate to the world as a whole, how you handle your own spirituality and your ability to function in a world that is more and more becoming materialistic. While moving through the purest state of your being, the energies of this sacred energy center will assist you to remain grounded. The health of this chakra also determines how you communicate with others, reflects your nurturing ways and it through here where you learn self-control.
How you know if this chakra is blocked or in a positive state is up to your awareness of yourself. The base chakra will express itself through happy and harmonious demonstrations of your whole self when it is positive and happy. When you find yourself surrounded by feelings of dissuasion and bleakness then this is your spirit body telling you there is something blocking the positive energies from streaming in.
Knowing your chakras and their health is up to you. We will always guide you and support you during your spiritual development. Understand dear ones with the proper use of white light that moves through each chakra, you will increase the effectiveness of each center to work in a unified and collective motion that expresses your own self that is filled with harmony and the purity of Light that is directed to you from God.
Combine the harmonious aspects of your chakras at work and through your efforts you will find yourself merging your inner hopes with your outer reflection into one life; they are the building blocks of understanding the inner you and exemplifying the spirit. The divine tasks that are before you relate to the knowledge you are able to bring and what you are able to share. The lessons that will greet you will always contain the balancing of opposites. All the trials you have underwent and mastered becomes high powers that you can wield in pure love and soul truth.
As we begin to end today’s transmission I suggest with grand eagerness for each of you to take a look, a real truthful look at yourself. Look widely and without bias. Is what you see a pure hearted person that represents a balance of inner and outer focus, a being that is connecting and developing consistently and constantly? We do not expect you to be perfect, but we do wish you to be happy with who you are right where you are. If you see areas that you know require improvement, then get up and make the improvements. Your journey is derived of choices that only you can make. I choose to love each of you wholly and purely. I consider each of you a blessing.
I AM Serapis Bey through Julie Miller




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