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Being in Tune with the Body and Life


Hello Son,

Being in Tune with the Body and Life

Every action, thought and emotion has a rhythm; this balances the body or outs it in imbalance. One’s thought and how we regard and perceive things governs the frequency that harmonises the body or the opposite.

We can easily test this theory by having an argument with someone; and see the reaction. In this inharmonious state the body and especially the mind all become erratic and in a state of unbalance.

Everyone has been in this state and the body and mind often needs time to recover. There is no button to make things better, but a gradual process of healing needs to take place before that person is back into balance.

Even what we eat can cause an imbalance in the body and lose its rhythm. Every mouthful of food contains a precise and calculated amount of energy. As every conscience is different our eating habits are also different. Not only this but our metabolic rate is also different. Therefore we need to eat the correct diet for our needs.

As we refine our tuning and raise our vibrations, we need to also take into account what we eat.

Once we recognise and make the necessary changes we will become in tune with our body, mind and soul.

Your mother; a reminder that changes in the body are both chemical and spiritual.
Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
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