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Jeshua: The Role of the Beholder Activist in the Evolution of the Collective Consciousness

Tuesday, 2 October, 2012

Beloved one, we have been speaking of realities, of dimensions, of the holograms you make for yourself to experience. We have been speaking of how you have constructed for yourself within this reality concepts and boxes, boxes with labels, where you have felt as a collective consciousness there was a certainty, a security within that box, and yet at the same time you have wanted to push out the sides of the box because you felt that there must be something more.

You are at a most wonderful place now where you are bridging 3rd dimensional perspective, because you understand world perspective, you know what the brothers and sisters are feeling. You have been there. You have felt it yourself. And there are many times when you cry unto the heavens and you would like to see something changed. Then you take the deep breath and you bridge to the 5th dimension, for a moment or so, into the divine peace of Allness.

You are doing much that helps in the evolution of the collective consciousness. For the collective consciousness has, as an entity, a soul. And that soul is crying out for healing, the same as individual souls are crying out for healing. The collective consciousness is at a place now where it is ready to entertain a new perspective. And those of you who are willing, as you are, to be complete with the old holograms, are promoting a new perspective where the collective consciousness is finding its voice and its healing.

As you are abiding as the bridge between 3rd dimensional thinking, which you know so well, and 5th dimensional freedom, you find yourself more and more in the place of beholder, the place where you can see and understand what 3rd dimension is all about – you know it very well; you have played the scripting over and over and over and over, and when you were not actively playing the script, you were in the wings waiting for the next time you would be on the stage – and you know 5th dimensional perspective, the space that knows hope, that knows holy vision, and you see with greater clarity how everything works together to bring out the divinity which has been forgotten, for so long. And as you are in the place of beholder, ideas come to you which you then bring back and put into action in 3rd dimensional perspective, because you have a wider vision, a greater understanding of how things fit together.

Then you become the Beholder Activist – which sounds like a contradiction, and yet it is not – because you come from the place of Beholder, where you ask for the holy vision, and then you bring the ideas from that place and put them into action in 3rd dimension, as in giving to another one the words of advice, encouragement, as in rising up and speaking your truth.

In the next month or so there will be many actors playing their scripts upon the stage. You will envision from 5th dimensional perspective that which you know can be, which will allow you to speak your truth and to be the activist in 3rd dimension, to come together with others of like mind and to speak out for what you believe and what you know can be, and for what you know will be, because there will be evolution of consciousness. That is a given. The timing of it is up to the improv, where all of a sudden there is a shift that does happen in the evolution because enough of the collective consciousness has awakened.

With your perspective from 5th dimension, from holy vision, from the place that knows divine clarity, you return to work in 3rd dimension. That is why, truly, you have taken incarnation at this time: to be the Beholder Activist, to bring a new perspective to a place which is crying out for evolutionary leap. The harvest is ready. It has seemed in times past that the harvest was aplenty, but the harvesters were few. But you are meeting more and more ones who are ready to help with the harvesting, the evolution of collective consciousness in a new perspective. You have agreed that you will come together once again, and you will write on your web, you will write on your papyrus, your paper, that which needs to be written. You will make the telephone calls, and you will speak your truth one-to-one and in groups.

For you know the evolution of collective consciousness into 5th dimension is going to be. It is going to happen. You can take heart from that. Some of you have been hoping, desiring, praying, and then at the same time thinking, “But not in my lifetime.” And yet you are very, very close. The veil is growing thinner all the time, and there are more and more of ones, such as you, of like mind who are complete with the most intricate hologram.

You have allowance for ones to do their own completions. You understand that. But at the same time, that does not keep you mute. You give hope. You give vision. You put it out there in front of other ones who are right on the verge of knowing their completion and wondering, “Where do I go from here? Do I go back to what I have always known, or do I go forward?” And most often they do not even put that question into words. It is not even verbalized.

Then you come along and you say, “I have this vision. I know it will be, where ones will live in harmony and respect each other, because we are of the same Creator, of the same Life principle. We are alive.” If you can find no other common denominator, you can find that you are alive, right? And as the Beholder, you bring into 3rd dimensional consciousness a new perspective.

Now, just because you love the other ones, which you do, and you recognize their divinity, which you do, and you respect what they are completing, it does not mean that you have to go off to a monastery somewhere, which you have done previously in other lifetimes, or to take yourself to a cave away up in the mountains somewhere and to commune with the divine masters, as you have done in other lifetimes, and wait until the other ones are “ready” to hear what you have to say. This lifetime you have agreed to be the Beholder Activist and to speak your vision.

Being the Beholder Activist is one of the more challenging roles to play, because separated ego is going to say to you, “You’d better not say that. You’ve tried that before and what happened? You were burned at the stake. What happened before? The head was asked of you.” Sometimes separated ego is going to come on stage and say, “What right do you have to suggest such an idea, that there could be harmony? Ones have always lived in groupings that had to defend themselves. It’s always been that way. There’s always been a leader, someone who would guide us, tell us where to go, what to believe. What happens if we live in harmony and equality? Who’s going to tell me what to do and what to believe? Where is my security?”

Separated ego will give you a listing, if you will, of problems, challenges, threats, warnings of possible disaster. That is okay. You take those questionings and warnings to the place of 5th dimensional perspective, and you breathe, and you say, “That which has been, has been, but that does mean it goes into the next moment.” You are free, right now, of all past baggage. You are free, right now, of old belief systems and self-images, and images of what others and what the world had to be. If you will claim that freedom right now, beloved one, you are free, completely free.

We have spoken often of this year, that there are going to be shifts and changes, some of them seeming quite large and some small. Count them all as good. Know that the old must pass away before the new can even be contemplated.

Allow yourself to expect change. Allow yourself to welcome change. Allow yourself to be in the place of readiness that goes to 5th dimensional perspective immediately any time anything new comes to you. Take the deep breath, and go to the place of holy vision. Then as you are guided, come back to this place that yet believes in a certain paradigm of collective belief, and become the activist with a new vision. That is what is being asked of you. Now it is time.

I would do with you now a meditation. I would do with you now what is called a coming to a place of peace. So allow yourself to take the deep breath and allow the eyes to soften. When you feel peaceful, bring to mind something that has happened either recently or in the past, perhaps something that your news media has brought to you, perhaps something that a friend has said to you, perhaps something that the body has said to you. Allow yourself to bring to mind something that has been a question mark, perhaps a piece of information you have read and you wondered, “Is this true? And if this is true, what happens now?” Bring that to mind.

Then taking another deep breath, expand the mind into the place of Beholder, the place which is peaceful and open, willing and ready to receive, willing and ready to see expanded understanding.

Look upon what you have been contemplating and see if there is energy to it. See if there are colors that dance around with it. See if it is but part of a larger whole.

Sit with that issue and ask of it as you would a master, “What is your message?”

Breathing deeply and easily, allow that question, that issue to speak to you, to have a dialogue and to ask, “What more is there to know? Is there something that I need do? Is there something that I need to understand?”

Listen. Feel.

What is the feeling?

What does it show you?

Watch. Receive.

When you feel complete – you may take your time with this – allow yourself the deep breath to re-energize the body; very slowly, very gently; bringing the information, the feeling, the visioning with you as you return to this reality. If there is more that you would know about the issue, the questioning, you can come to this place at any time and ask more.

Then, as it will direct you, you take action. If you do not need to take action, then you abide there for a while.

Beloved one, remember the space which is very expansive. Remember to go there often, for there are changes at hand, some very good ones which you do not always hear about from your news media because they love to play up the dramas that seem to be the most tantalizing and to report the issues which can get your adrenaline rushing. There are changes which are coming, and they will ask of you, because you will ask it of yourself, to be the Beholder Activist, to go to that place of holy vision, and then from that place of understanding to be the activist, to help to guide the evolution of collective consciousness with your new vision.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


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