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The Unification of Science and Spirituality

Hi everyone,

I’m The Dragon. My partner is going to help quite a bit in this channeling since he has a connection to earth that will help express the language of this channeling. As normal, he doesn’t know where it will go yet, however he will be guiding it more than normal. It is necessary, because in the dragon realm we don’t work with energy the way you do. It is not so deterministic for us as you experience it in your short lives, or perceive it in the sciences. There is no right or wrong about this, it was just set up this way by you, for your experience of “what is it like to be human, life to death?”. Where you come from is more like our realm.

Ok, so the main topic here is to confront the big question, “How does science and spirituality unify?” Well, the simple answer is “It just does in your reality, in short order”. Though, that was said in humor since I imagine you are looking for something more concrete.

So to give more of a background of how two seemingly irreconcilable things come to pass, let’s first talk about the history of spirituality and science. In its purest form, spirituality is a philosophical endeavor. Science also has a basis in philosophy. Philosophy is in fact the bridge between the two. Spirituality is interesting because in its purest form, it’s about understanding who you were before we entered the veil. Science, on the other hand, is about understanding and mastering the veil while avoiding some of the superstitions that can come from spirituality evolving behind the veil. Interesting, science seems to evolve in a positive way whereas if you go back over 100,000 years spirituality has largely evolved in what could be called a negative way for humanity – it has become more dense and less empowering and used for control. However, science can be frustrating in that it can take centuries to reach what is already intuitively known. Some things can never be reached with science and it suffers from being guided based on practical, logical, physical uses.

For instance, science has not yet defined consciousness, nor would it be useful in science since the entire universe is conscious and an ever-expanding definition would eventually include the entire universe and then it’d seem silly to scientists. Science can show order beyond chance in the universe that implies a universal consciousness or “God” but since there cannot be conceived an experiment to disprove such an existence, then this concept is considered “pseudoscience” no matter how much evidence piles up. This was important to illustrate the complexity of bridging science to spirituality. For, jumping straight to accepting intuitively that a universal consciousness exists is all-to-easy in spiritual endeavors. There is no requirement something be refutable, much like philosophy has no requirement.

So, to recap, some of what makes science useful for progression – albeit slowly – is that it is so structured and meticulous that it is not easily abused the way religion can based on superstitions to manipulate people or manipulate the foundations.

So, for those who are not familiar with science, my partner will help quickly paint a picture of how it works, then we’ll get into the fun part. The way science works is that you come up with a hypothesis, you devise an experiment to refute it, then you print a journal article about the results. That journal article is peer-reviewed and others attempt to reproduce your results. If they can, and it is sufficient for explaining a phenomena (e.g. it supports rather than refutes) and this holds up to enough experimentation, then it becomes a theory. A law, on the other hand, predicts results versus tries to explain them. The following example may seem silly because science can seem silly sometimes by exploring the obvious and sometimes coming up with obvious answers. People may wonder why the sky is blue. A hypothesis may be, “I imagine the sky is blue because of a reflection of water”. So, you come up with an experiment to test this. Perhaps you determine based on the curvature of the earth that the middle of Eurasia is a good place to see if this is true because it is so far from the ocean. So you do the experiment by going there and you find that the sky is still blue and geometrically, this makes no sense since the ground isn’t blue. You put this in a journal and others test in the center of other large continents and find the same results. So you make a new hypothesis that perhaps there are some mirror-like inter-dimensional substances that reflect the light all the way from the ocean to the sky in the middle of the continents. However, someone comes along who was playing with prisms and saw your article and said, “Hey wait, I know…” and they came up with a hypothesis that the sky is blue because of how light is scattered coming in through from certain paths in the atmosphere. Occam’s razor tells us that this is the simplest hypothesis since it doesn’t involve some complexities like inter-dimensional effects as the cause of blue skies. You then test this by constructing a scale model of the atmosphere and produce the same effects on a small scale. You then publish this, others reproduce your results, and others go a step further and try to find holes in it, so they test certain angles they know will have the least scattering and compare the amount of different colors coming in. That corroborates the results. So now we have a theory of why the sky is blue. Interestingly, this theory also can explain why the sky turns colors at dawn and dusk because different colors get scattered and bent by the prism of the atmosphere. Hundreds of years later it is so engrained in our understanding that it is not thought about much how people may have learned about why the sky is certain colors.

Well, “gosh” you say. That’s a lot of work for something that could be just handled by a thought experiment. That is how science works, however, and that can be frustrating. Humanity is moving to a place where this is just not acceptable for a few reasons:
1. With a much more intuitive understanding of things, it will hold people back to constantly have to determine scientifically why something works. For instance, the beginning of the practical use of the radio preceded the understanding of electromagnetic theory (e.g. Maxwell equations) by a matter of a couple decades. What if it had been five millenia? What would our opinion of science be then? Humanity will have things start to occur that would defy the current pace of science, were it to occur without feedback, for at least that long. Things like telepathy. Science may accidentally stumble millenia from now accidentally on telepathic thought exchange without the help of any psychic phenomena, but you can bet that if telepathy is an everyday experience for most people (and it will be very soon) science will rush to understand it. Even the most patient scientists could not wait millenia for an explanation. At least not human beings 🙂
2. Scientific realism is too rampant. For instance, everyone things of an atom, proton and electron how they are drawn in chemistry books as point particles that you can know everything about. Atoms, however, are fuzzy probability waves that have been corralled into a limited set of potential locations and states. If you could look inside the atom, one of the things you’d see is a cloud representing what you call electrons. However, if you look closer at this cloud, you will not find the electron. It is in fact in multiple places at once and/or has no definite speed, or an unknown exact mass. It is a wave of multiple potentials with probabilities assigned, not one state or another. And that’s what is important, is that this thing we call a point particle “atom” is as they sometimes say in philosophy “a useful fiction” because it is not a particle whatsoever and not a deterministic thing. Sure, you know some things about it, but there are some things in an atom that are in fact just potentials/probabilities and not determined. Yet, scientists sometimes want to trick themselves into thinking of them in ways that is really just an illusion.
Well, here-in lies the problem, because there is only a small part of the universe where everything is defined, and interestingly, only some of your 3d reality. Much more of it is “fuzzy” than you realize. Science has to learn to work in the world of “fuzziness”.
3. Science is socially manipulated in a way that actually holds it back. The people who are making the decisions are generally in favor of a gradual progression. They don’t realize that science actually progresses through paradigm shifts. Furthermore, science sometimes involves too much ego, too much in the line of preconceived notions based on world views of how things are supposed to work. So when someone comes in who just knows how to build an interstellar spaceship intuitively, and even how to produce the fuel, they are laughed out by those who are unwilling to give it a thought. There are two sides to this coin, since there are also those who bring forth fraudulent or careless evidence of a phenomena.

However, what we can say is that the spirit of science will remain. Curiosity is essential to any evolved being, and discernment is a very important tool. At its very core, science is a technique for building on knowledge curiously through the applied use of a systematic discernment filter.

What if we said discernment will become intuitive and instead of stumbling on things, you’ll actually have more of a “push to the future” where you know of some spiritual fact intuitively and just have to figure out how to test it in a way to marry it to an existing foundation of knowledge? Some of you have even tried that already, but the tools just aren’t there yet. They will be. We don’t want to assign a time, but let’s say it will probably be more than a few years and much much less than one hundred and most of you will still be alive to see the shift.

So what will happen to science? The same thing that happens to religion and spirituality. They will transform. Science and spirituality will become much more the same thing than different endeavors. Just like engineering provides a feedback for science, so will spirituality. Science on the other hand will help our spiritual endeavors because it will provide some grounding on it. It will make us more reliable in our abilities, and even gives us ways to train them more efficiently and understand what is happening. However, it won’t work the way we can, for instance, understand how rolling a car down the hill will transfer potential energy to kinetic energy to accelerate at a predictable rate. Instead, things will work in a fuzzy, unpredictable but probabilistic way AND a socially-constructed way that science will need to learn to not get tripped up by. Because your realm is starting to become more like ours. So instead of saying, “so-and-so is EITHER a human or dolphin” you may say “so-and-so is both a whale and a dolphin at the same time. He is 76% likely to be a whale and 24% likely to be human AND these probabilities are impacted by person Z and Y as the observers, along with what he believes he is.

Psychic phenomena, especially, is so influenced by peoples thoughts and perceptions that science will need to understand that there is hardly a clean way to do an experiment without influencing the results. Science will also notice the impact of what people are in the room at the time. Science will start to notice energies like the auric fields, souls, telepathic thought transfer, non-corporeal guiding of sentient thought. It will happen while completely working on something else, like playing with inter-dimensional techniques for interstellar space flight as one potential, or possibly while toying with quantum computing (there are other potentials as well). Science will not, however, just stumble on these things without any kind of synergies. Instead, what is the greatest possibility is that science will discover these things at about the same time as most humans start discovering it in every day life, completely independently. That’s how synchronicity works. Of course, that’s the beginning. Then science will begin to actively explore, as will people in everyday life through playing with their gifts.

You can call this combined science and spirituality whatever you like, but we like the term “pure philosphy”. It’s hard to really understand how this will all work until you are there. Just know that you’ll see a harmony between spirituality and science like you don’t expect. It will be a paradigm shift, so everything sort of morphs at once, including even science and religion. It will occur in such a natural way with such a synchronicity that it will be quite startling and unexpected to many of you. However, that’s part of the fun and it will be startling in a good way 🙂

There are already some examples:
* NASA is working on a practical experiment for inter-dimensional flight.
* DARPA just produced a tool to use low frequency sound to put out fires.
* The medical establishment is actually clinically testing in real hospital situation using sound to target and kill cancer cells.

The last two could be considered Atlantian and Lemurian renaissance. The first is pulling back some of your abilities as what you call ETs, but what we’ll call your higher selves.

Hold on tight! This is just the very tip of the iceberg.

Until next time,
The Dragon


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