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Message from our God-Self!

Dearest Ones,

Self-love is mostly not understood to its very core! Although it has been discussed often and you are familiar with the admonition: love yourself!

But what are the implications of Self-Love?
You might be convinced that you love yourself, that you did the work, that you love yourself now – much more than you did perhaps in your childhood, when your parents and society gave you seemingly all the reasons, not to love yourself.

Now, in these challenging and glorious times, when all unresolved issues, perhaps until now deeply hidden in your subconscious mind, are coming to the surface and irrevocably to your attention, you might be confronted with emotions you thought they were gone.

Fear is the root of all of them, even anger and sorrow, sadness and worry is based on it. Fear is the core and origin of all negative emotions, it is the root-contraction upon yourself. Therefore it is said, there are only two states, which are absolutely incompatible with one another: love or fear. Love is expansion, fear is contraction.

You are told: love! – and fear is gone! Love! – and anger is gone! Love! – and all kinds of other negative emotions are gone. And often your are nowadays judged by righteous people for not being loving.

So you try hard, to love! This can even show itself as the idea that you want to love,  so you engage all possible efforts, to love. However you feel that your heart is still empty! Although you are doing your best to love. You intuitively know that you cannot love from your head but that it must be felt in your heart, that Love must fill your whole space of heart, and thereby your whole body, so that you ARE LOVE.

With all this often helpless endeavor to truly love others, the insight that self-love must come first, has found now overwhelming support in the spiritual community.

Finally, after centuries in which you have been taught self-denial, (which is in truth the denial of God) but with the  demand to love others at the same time, you have been given the permission to explore the legitimate right for self-appreciation. Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to love others in the state of self-denial. It is the most absurd and insane contradiction ever put into the mind of humanity!

However Self-Love is still widely not truly understood and realized! As this virtue is literally the core of all growth, not only on the human level, but also on the spiritual level.

For example, a righteous demand in the spiritual community to love, has not truly understood self-love! Because as soon as you truly love yourself, righteousness does not exist!

And also putting others in relationships always first, does not exist in Self-Love! This is even the first cause that relationships break!

So how do you truly love yourself, in order to love others?

The crucial point is whether you write  “SELF” with a small or a capital “S”.
Of course, we are now talking about the Self, with a capital “S”! Because it is the One that includes everything else about you.

True Self-Love means that you recognize, acknowledge and honor your own SELF, that  One that participates in your own Source-Condition, that Unlimited One, that Unconditional One.

You cannot love, neither yourself nor others nor anything else, if you do not give credit to That One!
So every time Love breaks through in your heart, know that it is the SELF, that Shines through and speaks!

Your “Self” and “The SELF”, proclaimed in the ancient traditions, are not really different from one another, the transition is fluid. Only if you – by tendency and habit – dramatize separation and “otherness”,  you make this division!

And where do you start to love and cherish That Infinite Self, that God-Self, Me, your  Source-Condition? Yes, in your own heart! There it is where you start to truly Love Yourself! What you Love there, is not “an other”, a deity, a God that is separate from you. There is the place and space and state where Love Is, to Love and to Be Love. And it is at the same time Your Own Self, Yourself, Whom you Love.

This Love is not different from “Self”. It is not different from Happiness. And none other than Joy and not separable from Stillness. It has many appearances and Self-expressions. And this Self is the Self of everybody else!

So you start truly loving yourself by the Love that Exists and Appears as the Self in your own heart. When you worship That One, and while you worship It, you include intrinsically all beings and worlds and things, because it is this Self, That all beings and all existence share.

So if fear arises, know that you do not Love Yourself, if anger persists, you do not Love Yourself, if you worry, you have put yourself down and you do not trust God, Who Exists as Your Own Self in your infinite Space of Heart.

If somebody cannot love others, if somebody must put down others to appear “better”, that one cannot love him- or herself. Therefore be compassionate with those who do not love, because they do not love themselves.

All of you have come here to demonstrate this Self-Love, which is the same as loving others, but it must start with yourself. Because it is Yourself where you discover God, and not in others. You only can see in others, what you see it in Your Self.

This Self-Love is the true healing of humanity, the resurrection from the false presumption of slavery and unworthiness, this lie upon your existence. If you truly Love Yourself, you are the Gift that restores the Divine Consciousness of Man. Loving yourself first, grants everybody else honor, appreciation and is Itself the Love you live to “others”.

This Self-Love is a tangible touch in your Heart, an alignment there, a groundedness there, an illuminated space of certainty.
This certainty does not know fear, it includes and is One with all beings, and it creates the process of your life.

Until then, while you do your very best, it is important that your start with yourself and not with others, that you dare to know your Self first, and that you admit that you do not love and not pretend otherwise. Because this the sign that you are truly on your way of seeking your own truth.

It is paradoxically however not proof that you do not love others, because you do, as much as you can, because all your efforts are driven, even unconsciously by your own Self.

But until you start to Love Your Self, because you are willing to open up wide your heart, to discover Who You Really Are, it is also true that you share merely the IDEA of love, the intention for it, the good will. And many are not aware of the difference between the idea about and the actuality of Love. But these are the steps in the forecourt of Your Self, until the Radiant and Silent Door to your Divine Reality opens.

Nourish That One, nourish That One always, nourish It at first, do not look outside, but discover Your Self in your own Heart and then in the hearts of All. That is how you truly Love Your Self. Love of Self is Love of God is Love of All.

I AM Your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute


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