… and we are together forever in love. Let these be the thoughts our hearts and soul sing to.

— ♦The Beloved ♦

Christ Consciousness is a Sacred State of Mind

Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ September 16 – 23, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller
September 16, 2012

Your human thinking mind has many spiritual streams that drives through your thought forms. These currents hold important data from the many spirit guides that continuously work with you daily. This information is extremely relevant to you each of you. What is understood dear ones that all this information that is streaming through you is from the Spirit that is the source of everything and this I mean God. Some of you call this Spirit Creator, the Source, the ONE, and the Great Spirit. However you identify with the Spirit is a matter of choice but one that you individually know and understand speaks of ONE spirit that is alive and living through your hearts. The information that gets stored into your consciousness dear ones is information that is to help you ascend and to reach higher realms of your SELF through your own self-improving efforts. Some of you may not be aware of this information coming in, but you find yourself knowing things suddenly, or guided into new areas that at one time was considered foreign. These are mere examples of how this information is being exercised by you. You are guided to learn and to read, to improve the quality of your life and you do this by light impulses. Letting yourself to flow with the Spirit and allowing the Spirit to guide you is a beautiful experience. Trust in the Spirit, for you know in your heart who the Spirit is to you. No matter if you look at the Spirit being male or female, your heart will open to the light from the energy this Spirit automatically bestows upon all of you. And you are quite aware; even with the noblest attempts from your guides; even from the Spirit, once you are brought to certain choices that will direct you further, it is you that chooses. We will help get you to new points of interest, and learning new concepts, but none of your guides can choose for you.

Along your journey dear ones you will meet a few times a progression in your spiritual growth. You meet this growth by aligning spiritual streams that come from the character and mindful sentiment of the Spirit by knowledgeable acceptance and expressive affection. Your Christ Consciousness is your growing recognition and blending of your Ego mind with the Divine Mind and of your Divine Character that is the main foundation of your happiness and fulfillment. This awareness of yourself and of your growth develops over time and within the realization of your thinking when your intention is pure and without any form of malice. It is when your kindness and honesty is concentrated on knowing your Christened State of being – it is of a higher mindedness of illumination.

As your awareness develops your thinking mind also grows and improves; you discover your own personal life is more enlightened, jubilant, peaceful, and love-ruled. Any isolation that was created prior was created by fear. Fear creates despair and isolation in order to weaken your love filled thoughts and feelings. Dear ones YOU are free to live the life you were meant to – and this is as a child of God, of the Spirit in a love dominant filled and compassionate world.

I have witnessed many dear souls upon your Earth think they have to be Christian to reach the Christened State of awareness, otherwise known as the Christ Consciousness. This state of spiritual maturity is not sanctioned to one belief system. Many non-Christians find their way to their Christened State without following strict paths. Each of you share the same the living expressions of God and as you direct yourself through your choices and by your commitment you will unite with the Source of your beliefs, whether it is God, the Great Spirit or for some YHWH. Reaching the Christened State is considered sacred as it represents the purity of the person who has achieved such a spiritual accomplishment. Remember dear ones, it makes no difference what your spiritual beliefs are, what does matter is that you are open to becoming a living receptacle of Love and Truth for the entire universe and who will enthusiastically venture to reach it.

Your evolved Christ Consciousness is your state of cognizance of your true SELF, your higher self, and of your birthright as you are a Child of God. Your Christ Consciousness dear ones is your absolute active manifestation as a child of God in all His splendour as you clarify your own divine purpose and plan unto the level of Earth; bringing what you term to be heaven to Earth. When you reach your Christened State, you are then living in reality of WHO you actually are. It is your Christened Self where you live as an encouragement for others to search for themselves so collectively ALL can advance your planet into the Divine Plan for ultimate planetary transformation and glorification.

The many dear souls who has followed beloved Jesus, understand his story as an inspiration to their lives. God is tirelessly encouraging each of you to pursue improving your awareness and consciousness that will direct you to a path that will lead you to ascension. You must be ready dear ones to make the commitment required to complete such a task in one’s lifetime. Knowing the amount of dedication, commitment and discipline required to achieve ascension is great; there are some dear ones that are not yet ready. Their lessons have not brought them to this ready state. I encourage you to not fret over the ones who are not ready to make such a life changing commitment. All learning that has been acquired is never lost. All helps the un-ascended soul to reach ascension during their next lifetime.

I encourage those who have not looked at the teachings of Jesus to do so. Through his teachings many people have been able to discover their own core center of God. Just like many of you, Jesus practiced meditation, He prayed for strength to meet his daily challenges. Through His example dear ones you will see His unending consistency, unconditional love, kindness and gentleness towards others and He would encourage those he met to open their closed hearts to the Light and Love of His Heavenly Father. His life, His purpose was to show you, and direct each of you to recognize yourself when you are centered within your God-self. Invite Jesus to enter your hearts and mind, allowing Jesus to guide you to your answers of the demanding questions about your own life and divine purpose. When you invite Jesus in, you may ask Him what significance He will play in your life and how He will help you make important changes that will bring about pleasant outcomes.

When you speak from your heart dear ones, no question to Jesus is off limits. When you wait for an answer, do not wait to HEAR the words as you would do when you converse with a human friend or loved one. Hear with your heart. Quiet your mind, tune out all distractions and truly LISTEN. His answers may not come instantly but they will appear to you when you really need them. Through the guidance of Jesus you will learn to master patience of yourself and those around you. Through his tutelage you will soon dissolve all doubts you may have previously had and reinforce your own self-confidence and faith of the journey that remains before you. There is no doubt in my mind dear ones that you will truly find joy from what you will learn through Jesus.

When you have achieved raising your consciousness to the Christened State, you then can pursue an even higher state of awareness – the Cosmic Consciousness. The Cosmic Consciousness is accountable for the presence of form. The presence of form is soft, gentle and smooth flowing. It is Love dear ones that is a consciousness of itself, often referred to Universal Love that is intertwined with the love of Christ. It is both consciousness and love in the same presence. This is your I AM Presence.

Primitive consciousness is the non-distinguished astuteness, it is the liberty that is required for your state of mind to experience its maximum developed form. The primitive consciousness is the component of development into universality. I will explain further dear ones: you might be able to experience a clear mind, but you can’t experience non-distinguished consciousness then your mind becomes delimited to merely elucidate in the head. If Cosmic Consciousness has been experienced then your mind is expanded, and pure consciousness is combined into your clear mind so you can further experience the pure clarity and pure transparency of boundless center-less. It is never impossible. All begins with a step forward of faith in yourself and an inner knowing that you ARE possible.

When you have reached the height of Cosmic Consciousness, you will realize you are not only a human body, but you are infinite within your heightened consciousness. You become aware of your own I AM Presence that surpasses your body in a very precise method. You will ‘feel’ this Presence is continuous and that is because it is. It is here when you become one with your SELF – one that is endless, and vast of consciousness that holds your body. Through the reach of Cosmic Consciousness you will understand the inner nature of everything around you; you will come to the realization that everything is an expression of this consciousness as distinct diverse forms. This higher conscious form is not only your own I AM Presence that is within you, or your transcending body, it the very substance of your body in all your physical reality.

As we prepare to close today’s transmission please note that my presence is available to all regardless where you sit on your journey. Seek my guidance and I will support you through gentle direction that is always filled with profound love.

I AM Melchizedek through Julie Miller

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