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Earthʻs Ascension in the Cosmos A Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 16, 2012

Earthʻs Ascension in the Cosmos A Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 16, 2012

Greetings! This is Sananda. We are coming to you now with more frequency to let you know your energy is needed. From the vantage point of Earth in the Great Illusion it is not always easy to have perspective. There are new developments in the past few days which have speeded ahead the end of the Illusion even faster than we anticipated.

First I must share how I see all of you. You are in the Ground Crew on Earth and you wear a Veil when at your post on the Day Shift. At night when you go asleep and slip out of your human Avatar on Earth your Veil comes down and you go to your work on the Ships. Many of you are aware of your Higher Self and the roles you have played. Many of you do not remember exact details but are not hindered by that, happy that you are aware of your status with The Ground Crew. One of my seven incarnations at Earth was that of Jesus. Several of my Disciples from that time are incarnate on Earth now. They work behind the scenes and as public personalities. They are ridiculed now as they were before. You can see they walk through the ridicule with Grace every time. Even though they wear their human Avatar suit they have dropped their Veil and see no need to clash with those who cannot see the Cosmos as it is. Great Ones from every world religion are incarnate now and you have emails with them and go unaware that they are fully adept, awake and aware serving you everyday. Serving Mother Earth. Serving the Ascension – waiting patiently and Guiding you through their actions. Inspiring you to take the steps back to remembering YOUR MAJESTY. You too are a majestic Being of Light but that Veil keeps you hidden from that Truth temporarily.

Have you ever wondered how it all works? Have you ever wondered why there is a Spiritual Hierarchy or how all Souls came into Creation? That is a long story I am prepared to tell you when you ask, but too long a story for this space. Have you ever considered it is possible that what you term God, the Supreme Being from the Godhead too is incarnate on Earth now? Have you considered his Consort also is incarnate now? How many others do you think are alive, married on Earth with children and holding down jobs? Who do you imagine is serving this way now? I am. I am incarnate now. I work side by side with President Obama. My consort helps in a come and go capacity. Many consorts are incarnate too, lending their Light to the Illusion. There is a hierarchy and the Great Ones are in human Avatar suits right next to you, riding the subway and sitting in traffic. Believe it! Expand your Consciousness. What would you ask God if you knew he were sitting right next to you on a park bench? Who is sitting next to you now? Can you love all Beings without judgment?

Two days ago a communication was received from one of the rich and famous who have been asked to help with Disclosure. The exact words of his reply were: “Sadly too many things on my plate.  Good to hear from you. Sorry!” This is the sentiment we are hearing from those with the wealth and celebrity to change things within the matrix. They have a larger responsibility to help Earth due to their positioning to help. This leaves an open door for the Galactics to help more. When this response was heard their was an invocation of the violet flame from one of the Great High Beings incarnate now. This violate flame projection was sent out to the Cosmos and it was ramped up in energy beyond what has been experienced before. Using a transducer with a lock on code the communications specialists in the Ships magnified the Clarion Call for Love up and out. It was noted to reach the outer Super Universes while passing through every Star, Planet, Portal, Being and StarGate along the way. This fury fire of Divine Love was blazing during the hours when the Arab attacks on the Embassies in 20 Countries was simultaneously taking place. The Souls of those protesting know that something is wrong and they express themselves in inappropriate ways, but they can FEEL the violet flame and it takes them to the edge of reason. They can FEEL the Ones who CAN HELP are NOT HELPING. It takes them to deep rage and they act out in a way that they just hope someone somewhere will see them and DO SOMETHING. Even within the realm of the Lightworkers there is a great lack of cooperation, a lack of working together on One Focused Energy. Egos get in the way, even between husbands and wives between mothers and daughters of Lightworkers. Who do you think these Ones are who you live with? Who are you? Why are you at odds? Make Love. There is a lot of judgment happening as the Veils remain and confusion abounds. Serve from Love and you will always be on the right Path.

As this Violet Flame went up out of the heart flame of One in a human suit and it was sent to the transducer and went out from Ship to Ship to Ship as an Energy it permeated the bodies and souls of all in its Path. This was seen by and carried up by, magnified by, the Godhead itself. This was an unplanned event. In the beauty of love creation unfolding it happened within the realm of possibilities. Because such a large transmission was sent off to the uncreated Light Universes this Violet Flame, Clarion Call went out and it was answered immediately with more help from the uncreated Light realms. More help was sent and it triggered the beginning of the complete dissolution of the Timelines. All had been placed in order and the trigger was lit. The wick was lit – the fire grew in such enormity the old Timelines holding this criminal illusion in place where unable to further hold on to the matrix in which their foundations are built. As you are reading this the Timelines are dissolving and falling away. This is a glorious event which will lead to the final complete destruction of that which holds you in Illusion.

Imagine it is autumn and you are walking in the forrest. Every time the wind blows a few leaves fall from the many surrounding old growth trees. It is a wonder to behold. You begin to look up to the sky whenever your senses feel the wind on your skin. You feel the wind and look into the sun and above you see falling leaves dance on the wind with such Grace. They are green, yellow, gold, orange, red, burgundy, brown and all shades between. They are breathtaking in their beauty and dance over your head as they fall, fall, fall to the ground. Billions fall in this forrest. This is what it is like to watch the Timelines dissolve. Their now dimly lit light is burning out. A power outage of sorts is playing out. No Energy is being sent to light up the old grids anymore.

These High Beings from the Light Realms heard the call from the Godhead itself, incarnate on a tiny little Planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. The final blow has been received by the cabal. They no longer have air to breathe. Love them even more. Love them as they fall fall fall to the forrest floor in their final flight to death. Soon the snows will come and everything will be white and sparkling in the Sunlight. In the deep winter when Everything sleeps new shoots with flowers will break through violet and gold and New Life will begin again. Peace be With You.

This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved.

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