He that can have Patience can have what he will.

— Benjamin Franklin

Your Success is Determined by Your Efforts


Ascended Master Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ September 14 – 21, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller

The quest for spiritual excellence on both a personal and practical level is recognized dear ones by your own inner truth that has for some been brought to the surface and for others it is still waiting to be discovered.

Understand well dear ones where your path is taking you; question for clarification but not to second guess what is already known to you through your dear hearts. You wish to reach excellence in all your efforts, then dear ones the choice comes from you to follow through in pure dedication to what it is you want to fulfill.

The road to reaching excellence that will be enriching your spiritual and personal endeavours has a few things required by you to apply in full commitment to your personal growth and development. Just like learning anything, as you have been taught early on in many educational institutions is that you must concentrate. Your power to focus solely on your goal is crucial. Maintaining pure focus of mind at all times, regardless of any oncoming trials that may appear as you begin your journey that will bring you to your desired outcome. Concentration is not only needed when you decide what it is you are aiming for, but it will help you complete your goal and bring you to the excellence of your journey that will felt by you and noticed as your confidence rises.

A lot of times what is noticed dear ones, is so many do well when there are no challenges or trials – that is because forging ahead with none of these is relatively easy. It is the challenges and trials that test your unwavering strength to continue with smiling verve and loving energy. Learning to control your emotions, thought patterns, energies requires discipline and careful administration by you. You have decided on completing something that is important to you, your purpose is clear and you fully understand it is you that is in FULL control of any outcome. We of the divine will always guide and support you if you request our aid, but it is you that must do the work. No sighing; it is your efforts that have brought you to where you are now. Don’t look back at the hardships you have endured with sorrow, see them for the strength and courage providing incidents they were. Through each trial you have experienced, you are here and you are strong and very capable of reaching any goal you set your heart and mind to.

I encourage you to be persistent upon your journey. The ups and downs you will face will challenge your strength and endurance. Take notice of the subtle changes of fatigue and treat your outer body with deserving respect. Being respectful of your outer body will nourish the inner body. The working together of your outer and inner body will bring you towards completion of any task you may have set for yourself. Don’t quit halfway dear ones, the energy you put into anything is very powerful and enlightening. Follow through until you finish what you begin. I see this can be difficult as many dear souls often become distracted. Focus and concentration will be met throughout your journey to remind you where your efforts can take you.

No matter how committed you are to your journey and the task you have set out to complete always take the time to be compassionate dear ones. You are and always have been connected, not only to each other but to everything. The energy you release is affected where you live and felt throughout the world. During times of deep frustration dear ones, don’t give into the emotion if you know how to effectively work through it. Learn to ground yourself even while walking. Some dear souls practice with careful observation meditation walking and this practice can bring quick calm when you are feeling out-of-sorts. Give time to heal and love yourself. Taking time to care for you, will also release caring energy for the world around you and finally to the whole world.

Part of your journey is discovering the higher consciousness of Christ. This will come dear ones when you are ready to rise to this purity of being WHOLE with yourself and with the Christ energy that already flows through you. Christ is a perfect example of excellence. In Christ’s time he did demonstrate compassion, concentration, control and completion of what his mission was. Christ, as many are aware cared wholeheartedly for ALL people. He knew how to focus on what was most important at any given time; his heart was and is filled with the upmost love for all of you.

Your growth and development dear ones are up to you. You will produce through your efforts all that is required to grow. All that expresses through you dear ones has vibrational energy and under peaceful circumstances from each of you, harmony is able to be found and kept. How you think and feel dear ones will attract the same of what you are thinking or feeling and repel what you are not. Learn, I urge each of you to understand your own growth potential.

Remember dear ones when you think love, you attract love. Thoughts are energy dear ones; any negative thoughts will only attract more unhappy negative thoughts to appear. Carefully choose which seeds of thoughts you wish to keep, and be rid of all others that will only draw negative energies. By becoming carefully selective on what you wish to accomplish dear ones you will bring yourself to happiness that was not found by any other, but by you. When you see yourself through loving and honest eyes you will create healing for your body, begin to feel stronger emotionally and reflecting this newer YOU in all the daily life routines you partake in.

Tell yourself dear ones through IAM affirmations good thoughts; hear your own words through your voice. Repeat them as often as necessary, change the pitch to your voice to feel the power they hold. Plant new seeds of positive thinking within your fertile mind. Have those new thought seeds in harmony with the whole truth of your REAL self, water them with love and nurturing compassion. You really do have the power to bring peace and happiness dear ones into your life in every aspect that is part of you. Be consciously aware of sowing these new seeds that are Hope filled.

No matter where you are on your journey, always be aware of the direction you are going. You are responsible to take notice if by chance your path has taken a wrong turn and you need refocusing. It is essential dear ones to accept responsibility of your efforts through your actions and the survival of the task you have planned to reach. By taking the mature step to accept responsibility of your choices and actions, you are empowering yourself in the best way for you to create and bring positive changes into your life. Thus, accepting respective responsibility means that you agree and KNOW you are the cause of the results of the outcome you planned to meet through the task you have been so hard to complete.

Yes dear ones, I can already see acceptance of relevant and personal responsibility can be difficult for some of you, as it requires truthful honesty on your part. Through choices made, certain circumstances arise; they do not come out of the beautiful air to irritate you even though many think this way. There is reason for everything dear ones and you know this to be truth.

Excellence is for everyone to reach. Rise dear ones and appreciate that YOUR life was created from the inside out. Embrace your personal responsibility and empower yourself through your own committed love and energy that you will fulfill ALL plans created by you. Your thoughts have power; choose to think positively no matter what circumstance faces you. When you greet a difficult circumstance with vim and vigor you will retain more light filled energy and when all is done, you will not be feeling the normal tired feeling after a difficult event passes, you will feel elated.

Such busy times you have lately. I suggest if possible finding at least five to 10 minutes of solitude each day to allow your subconscious thoughts to drain and become refreshed. During this time allow the quiet time to eliminate any negative thoughts that may have formed, call upon the angels to assist if needed, allow yourself to share your burdens and concerns with the angels that are always with you. Please call upon myself for guidance and support knowing I am a stern yet loving master. I AM always ready to guide you to fresh solutions and I already love you unconditionally.

Remember dear ones, any negative thoughts that you may have are only viewpoints, not necessarily true. At any time you can choose to chance your perspectives. Let your heart guide you dear ones to your own excellence and shine that brilliance that is love filled through all your actions and words.

As the divine gift of God that each of you are, your road, your journey has much to be cherished. All the good and hard times are gifts of knowledge dear ones.

I AM Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

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