A mind devoted to universal truths cannot be fooled by manipulators posing as leaders & teachers.

— Philip Arnold

A Sneak Preview – “God’s Healthcare Plan”

The plan is provided in dedication to all my children. It is completely free of charge because it is given in love, in dedication to my love being the love that gives all life.

As channeled through Christos

FORWARD (By God…in the book/manual coming out soon called “God’s Healthcare Plan”)

The plan is being facilitated by my Son Christ Jesus, who will provide you will all your appointments and prescribe whatever is needed to remove the blocks to my love healing your life. [You need not wait for my Healthcare manual for this. You can explore and embrace its dynamics now as covered in the plan’s home site: www.PerfectionHealing.com]

The doctors, nurses, practitioners who today are providing my love given the best way they know how, will be given a new way to express my love on the following pages if they so choose. From my beloved daughters and sons in the pharmacy industry and those supporting the doctors, nurses and staffs throughout the vast array of businesses now in support of the industry that will soon past away, it is given that your talents, your careers will not be taken up in vain, but rather now reinvested into becoming coaches and practitioners to my plan. This of course is your choice as my plan comes into being, but know now you are certainly invited and needed to share my plan with your family the whole world over.

My plan will reveal to all my children the fullness of what the meaning was behind what was given my son and your brother Christ Jesus, and now I repeated, “what I do today will be done too by you, but more you will do that even I have”.

The foundation of this plan is given in a book already shared throughout the world. It is a book written in mind training, a spiritual psychotherapy that aims to teach the meaning of my love. This love, my love, is the fuel of all my creations, contained within and working far beyond your understanding behind every atom. It is the same love that gives you life in this very moment; it is that which is the movement of creation for without it, there would be nothing. With it, there would be no need of a plan. The book I now speak of is called “A Course In Miracles”.

It is a book that I asked to be written by my sons and masters of Love throughout all of creation. It is the master plan for your return back home. It is the roadmap to understanding how my healthcare plan works and why it works and how it works for those interested.

Otherwise, you need simply know that this plan contains the keys to unleashing my Perfect Love in you, the same Perfect Love that creates Stars and gently organizes the whole of galaxies, nebula and the vastness of my universes within universes throughout the wholeness of creation.

What are these keys? All will be revealed on the following pages (in the book) [but yours to preview now explore at www.PerfectionHealing.com). All will be given for your understanding, your Holy return to understanding my Love for you, for your brothers and sisters, your planet Gaia.

So what will be revealed? You will discover that you are in fact my child and that the meaning of Love you now know is truly all encompassing and that it is the only thing in my universe, your universe that is real.

You will discover that this very Love I speak of now is in you, always has been in you and has the knowledge to heal all your pains and sufferings, your mental challenges of all kinds, all that is known to you as lessor that Perfect Love expressing itself as you right now.

You see my beloved child, this plan of mine now given is to be embraced by all who simply seek to be a loving expression of my Love. This loving expression I call “The Christ Expression”, the ones who wish to join into it completely are those of you who wish to return home.

And yet the truth is my beloved one, you are already given your Christhood and now simple I ask you to claim it humbly by judging the evidence of it for yourself. For when you do you will realize that all the words and beliefs and teachings that came before these simply prepared you for these and now do not matter. So I ask you now to allow yourself to slip into your innocence as my child, but open to receive “the new” as I am now giving it. Allow me to be your living God spoken of all these writing of the past but little ‘allowed’ to be applied to the moment with my new creations are unfolding! Allow them now without judgment. In meekness receive now your blessings in becoming, in returning, to the moment in which you were created, this moment, is all that matters. Allow it to be your moment and in certainty you will know why.

Let go of time. You will find that activating your new healthcare plan, my healthcare for you, will cause time to be suspended. You will see that the healing process reverses time in the moment where my Perfection of all that was expressing. It was in that moment where the need of healing came into play so simply the plans of activation is simply ‘letting go of all the minutes, hours, days, months and years, where you allowed that which was less than my Perfect Love to begin to take hold of you. It is the letting go of time as you know and adopting “my time” only in your life.

This, my beloved children, you will find is the cornerstone, as you call it of the plan. And all it takes is the willingness to own it, adopt it, into your life. For when you do you will find you have unlearned ‘limitation’ and ‘isolation’, words foreign to me and my reality. You will find that in your enthusiasm to participate in creation, you slipped into a world I did not create for you to live in—-on the contrary, it made you feel limited and isolated from my Love.

To be frank, you dreamed yourself into a reality where my Infinite Love became something that was little, lessor than, limited and isolated from what it really is. It became a dream that now you need to awaken from for it is here where your sanity will come back into your realizing you too are my Christ child, the brother or sister of the brother you call “The Christ”. This is my second coming, His second coming, and why He said what he said about all your future works.

So know my child that I now give you the words and works of your Christhood. It is the symbol of your true family, the honor of your heritage, the birthright of all My Children.

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