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Sananda – Millions of Torches To Light The Way


Know dear ones as the coming times approach, all will be turned on its head never again to be as it was. Many have been called and now many are responding as never before. Simply look all around you and the evidence is there for the mass awakening to occur. As of yet you may have little or no idea of the immense changes about to befall your world both within and without. However, know that all is being prepared to welcome each and everyone that wishes to find themselves in the new golden age. Even though all may seem at times as if there is nothing but chaos, actually all is proceeding according to the plan and in an orderly fashion. It is up to each of you dear ones to recognize what is occurring and use your discernment to determine how you will respond to the seemingly chaotic happenings. When the smoke has cleared and the veil dropped, then you will look around you and marvel at all that has happened and all that went in to bringing your world out of the darkness and fully into the light, never again to lose its brilliance.

Much has gone into the plan that is now unfolding at a faster and faster pace and many have sacrificed much in bringing it into fruition. It is said, by their fruits you will know them and again when the smoke has cleared, you will be aware of all that was done behind the scenes and those that participated from the smallest to the largest part. One day when you open your eyes, your world will look quite different from anything you could have possibly imagined and you will know at that time that all the waiting, wondering and wandering were worth it. Even though many times you have gotten your hopes aroused only to be dashed on the rocks of disappointment once again, all will be forgiven on your part and joy of your new awakening and newly created world will replace any misguided feelings you may have felt.

The time has come dear ones when all that has been prophesized is about to be fulfilled at its highest level and your waiting is about over. Know that all the universe has also been preparing and waiting for this ultimate endeavor and subsequent victory of the Light. When you hear of the coming announcements, you will know that the end of your long journey and travails are at an end and all that awaits you is your decision of how you will want to continue your current life. Whether here as guides to those who are still struggling to reach out of the darkness of their 3d illusion, a well earned vacation, returning to your home, or continuing your previous lives aboard a star ship will be your choice. Know dear ones that all of heaven has conspired to be at your disposal to rid your world of unneeded and unwanted influences that served to draw you away from your true journey, but no amount of darkness could ever be enough to extinguish even the smallest flicker of light and now those flickers have erupted in millions of torches to light the way to finally emerge from the deepest darkness.

Yes dear ones, your victory is at hand and all that remains is for you to respond to the various clues and cues which are given you by your own inner guidance to show you the final path you need to follow in these remaining weeks of duality to complete your mission that you embarked on so long ago. Many of you are waiting for the final trumpet to sound but I tell you now it has already done so and the last mile of your long marathon is about to be finished. When I said as Jeshua long ago, “It is finished,” I was referring to the end of duality but not for me but for all the human race. So to is that now, never again to be a concern for anyone that chooses to put illusion behind them and fully emerge from the Matrix.
Know that we of all the brotherhoods in the galaxy are waiting to welcome you back to your original heritage and have celebrations planned that will be beyond any you have ever had on this Planet. You have earned our deepest gratitude and you will soon be able to relax knowing you have completed your mission and participated in the grandest plan that has ever unfolded in this galaxy.

I am Sananda. May all my peace and love be with each of you as you near the finish line.

Channeled by James McConnell
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