This is me wishing you a wonderful day,
a wonderful week, and a wonderful life.

— All That Is

Realms of Light

Realms of Light
by, Julie Redstone

Dearest Beloved Ones,

The Realms of Light are now manifesting more fully in both the third and the fifth dimensional physical matter of the Earth plane. A new passageway has been created dimensionally that will allow the entrenched energies of negativity and darkness that have been lodged in the body of the Earth, and in the bodies of her inhabitants, to be set free.

All praises, all glory to God in the highest and to the embodied Christ on Earth who has made possible this day, that will allow humanity to be set free from the bondage of separation, fear, despair and isolation.

The energies of light, hope and freedom will begin to stream forth more powerfully now from the spiritual dimensions to the Earth plane. So too will the process of purification be accelerated, releasing all of humanity from the long held burdens of suffering that have been borne for so long.

Beloved ones, a new and most Holy day is upon us, for as the spiritual dimensions on the Earth become more manifest, so do the possibilities for true, deep and lasting transformation expand and multiply. As light expands on the Earth, all areas that have been contracted, entrenched in darkness will be set free.

Although there are many areas in the physically manifest world that are still held in place by the energies of separation and fear, their structures are crumbling. Each soul has a choice in this moment and in this process.

As the negative energies are released both individually and collectively, they pass through consciousness and may manifest in thoughts, in behaviors and in body sensations.
The negative energies communicate fear, mistrust, and doubt in God’s reality and God’s goodness. They would wish to separate you from your own beautiful, sacred Self that is already with God and that already knows God. They can only be empowered if you believe them.

Beloved ones, God’s light is present and expanding on the Earth. The purification process of the planet has never been more intense, and the strength of light on the Earth and in the Earth has never been greater. All souls are transforming and becoming more of who they are in their deepest and most essential Self.

Trust God within you. Trust the holy, divine flame of light and love that created you and gave you life and brought you here to this Earth for a sacred purpose. Trust your heart which, like a flower, knows how to turn towards the light to grow and expand in God.

These days on the Earth are extremely intense, however within this great turmoil, the holy Birth of Light on the Earth, within physical matter and within time and space is being accomplished. You are that which God created in purity and wholeness.

All that is not of the light is being liberated from within you. Allow it to pass from your consciousness, and anchor yourself in God’s holy light which is here, now, and expanding each day on the Earth. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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