In the end, everyone is smiling. It is a true and deep smile radiating from the core of every being, our hearts & souls.

Resolution of the Chaotic Planes of the Old Earth with the Power of the Living Waters and the Womb

September 7, 2012

Transference of Energy and Consciousness from the Parallel Timeline to 5th-Dimensional Earth to Heal the Split in the Psyche of Humanity

tr. by Sandra, ed. by M.

JKM 9-07-12
Resolution of the Chaotic Planes of the Old Earth with the Power of the Living Waters and the Womb

Heart of the New Earth

Judith in Denver, Sean in Salmon Arm

J: I had one of those nights where you know you are working hard in the other dimensions. As I awoke at 4:00 o’clock this morning, I was really aching all over and took a bath and meditated.

I saw a very strong image in regards to what we saw yesterday. The Earth, the 5th-dimensional Earth, from the center of Her core energetics, there’s a white spiral of energy from the Inner Sun, and She’s drawing energy from the cosmos, from Galactic Source. This white spiral of energy is flowing now into that parallel reality, into that hologram that I saw yesterday.

And this white crystalline — I would say it’s almost like a mist, white crystalline energy like a mist, like crystal, you know, when you look up in the mountains in the early morning and the mist is lifting from the earth, it’s like that but it’s got crystalline substance in it. It’s very beautiful, and it’s flowing into that particular hologram, that holographic earth that was experiencing the cataclysm.

There’s an infusion of luminous energy into this earth that I saw yesterday, in the parallel reality, and it’s being pulled towards the whole hologram. It’s being, like instead of going out of the orbital field and going into total cataclysm, it’s being held like in a cradle of light. Energetically, Gaia is pulling the energy back from the negativity and the loss of balance, the chaotic forces, because I can see the outflow from the 5th-dimensional Earth, from the core energetics from the heart of the inner sun. And it’s infusing that hologram with this crystal mist.

Then from the center of that hologram, there’s an outpouring of energy that’s transformed, that is flowing back through our heart, the heart center, to a womb source in the 5th-dimensional Earth, a womb heart source that’s pulling the toxins and the negative energy and all of the cataclysmic energies, and bringing it into this energetic pool of water through the water element – and it’s dissolving. It’s like pulling an outpouring of that toxic earth, the essence of it into this Inner Earth, the inner planes of Earth, the 5th-dimensional Earth, as it’s pulling the energy back into this womb.

As the toxins from this old hologram reach this — and it’s a liquid blue – I would say the color would be opalescent – it’s absolving, it’s dissolving, it’s being absorbed by the love and the power of the consciousness of the New Earth.

And that hologram is entering our holographic plane, the 5th-dimensional Earth, in a way that brings it to the Creative forces of the feminine womb principle and into the cycle of energy that births it to the light rather than allowing that old earth that I saw in the parallel reality to break apart and just go into cataclysm like Maldak did. It’s energetically being brought through the womb heart of Gaia 5 of 5th-dimensional Earth to be restored through the Living Waters.

There are parts of people here living in this Earth that we are living with now who are experiencing a parallel reality, and a very huge part of their shadow-self was living in that parallel reality. While they were experiencing that, their light body had crossed into the 5th-dimensional Earth. Those individuals are most undoubtedly experiencing a confrontation with their shadow resolution of old patterns and a healing from energies that they were, perhaps, working to try to heal but were locked into that old pattern because part of their psyche was in the parallel reality in the cataclysmic earth — because that was the place that experienced the scenarios of the cause and the effect, and the outcome of greed, and the “id” working in control of the psyche.

So this transference of energy and consciousness is not just about the planet, it’s about the psyche of humanity that has been split, the places where the psyche of individuals has been split. Part of them was dwelling in an irreversible field of negativity. And as Gaia, the 5th-dimensional Earth Gaia 3, (and I think I referred to Gaia 5 earlier, but it’s Gaia 3), as the 5th-dimensional Earth draws the energy from the collapsing hologram, the souls are coming through that channel, that birth channel, and being restored by the Living Waters, that now they may be integrated into the consciousness of One, of the individuals who are living, that are struggling in this reality and fragmented in the old hologram that was a cataclysmic earth.

So this is a particularly good time to do soul retrievals, to work on the shadow aspect of self. And through the Mirror, the hologram of the infinite Oneness, pull all aspects of yourself that may have been fragmented in a parallel reality in this cataclysmic earth into your heart through the womb heart principle to be restored by the Living Waters and to make whole the soul of life.

And this is a natural process right now. It is with the assistance of Great Beings in the consciousness of One and the Ascended Masters and many of our allies that the consciousness, because we have fortified the living hologram of 5th-dimensional earth, the consciousness now is effective in the resolution of the cataclysm of the old earth. This will affect the process of restoration, rejuvenation of our world.

I wanted to make a note in this that my daughter Noni called and told me to watch president Obama’s speech because he addressed the Democratic Convention last night. There was so much light coming through that Democratic Convention. I can honestly say I don’t agree with all the politics, but I can tell you that there were tears coming down my face because his whole focus was on uplifting the spirits, and encouragement and faith. Not just faith, but assurance that that which has been the plight of the people and the Earth (can) be healed. We can restore, through the higher ideals that America was founded on, we can restore this country and bring goodness to the world.

It was a very inspirational speech and people were really charged with energy. And I feel that this was used because the Republican Convention was extremely negative. I think there was an acting out of this. People who know me know that I don’t follow politics usually, but I felt that the seeing of the eyes of inspiration and the upliftment of this restoration and moving into a better future was, with so many people involved in it, was part of the psyche of this transition that I’m seeing this morning. And I know I was working overtime in the other dimensions last night because I’m absolutely exhausted this morning, and that’s what I’ve seen though.

I feel that this was one of the, like we were told by the Masters, there would be many points of light where the old hologram would deteriorate on different levels and different planes, and we would move through the cataclysm of Armageddon and evolve through the Living Waters to the birthing of this New Earth. And I feel that this is, the propensity of this is enormous.

Many Blessings and thanks to everybody for the good work that they are doing towards illuminating consciousness.


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