By seeing the beauty in every face we lift others into their wisest self and increase the chances of hearing a synchronistic message.

— James Redfield

The StarGates ~A Message from Kalki Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin September 5, 2012


Inquiring about Absolute Truth is the humanʻs only endeavor leading to the full satisfaction of the Soul. The rest of human existence is useless labor leading no where. The nondual knowledge is known to the impersonal non localized personal aspect of your Soul. Your personality Self lives at Earth and your Highest Self holds all Wisdom.

You are able to know the transendance of your own personality for it is you a full aspect of the Supersoul who incarnated for the sake of the well-being of the entire world. Your austerity, study, sacrifice, attending lectures, fostering intelligence and charity act out in form those qualities of the most Supreme Lord of whom you are an aspect. To dedicate oneʻs actions to the Supreme Self and to the Infinite is the answer.

In a region beyond time and space where it is completely silent is a world of Souls without form. These appear as pearlescent white balls of brilliant light. Here the Souls all look alike and emit a warm glow of rainbow white light. It is an experience of complete bliss and comfort. It is a place for Souls who have no bodies to rest. This is the place Buddhists call Nirvana. This is the place of Supreme Light where Unity Consciousness is the Light and Everything is included in It. The Supreme is One with it.

As a Soul takes on a Body and incarnates into the more dense realms it carries with it special properties from the light realm. One of these is the MerKaBa Body which has the ability to travel as in the Orbs which we see in photos. Also there are subtle bodies which hold special qualities of being able to sense the emotions in the physical realm. It is when in the Consciousness of the MerKaBa One may travel through a StarGate. One must be within this state of Consciousness to travel through a StarGate. It has been said that anything which may be tasted, touched, seen, heard, smelled or thought of does not exist. Only Consciousness exists. And there are many States of Consciousness. To see a MerKaBa body it looks like two tetrahedrons intersecting each other. This is represented as the Star of David. This is also called the Light Body. Learning to go into the MerKaBa at Will is obtained through meditation. It is not hard, anyone can do it. Try. Practice.

There are a few dozen Artificial and Natural StarGates at Earth. A StarGate is a passageway from one octave of Energy to another. To cross a StarGate is similar to taking the Express Train to a distant location. To activate the StarGate is simply moving the right Energy while standing before it. When entering a StarGate One knows where they will go and are transported instantly there. The StarGates at Mount Hermon, Dome of the Rock, the Kabba in Mecca, Lake Titicaca, Iranʻs Presidential Palace, the Sumerian StarGate and the Ziggurat at Ur are examples.

Natural StarGates are found in Lakes and on Mountaintops as well as in Caves deep in Earth. Artificial StarGates are built by Supernatural Beings aeons ago and still function today. You know the Builders of the StarGates by their more common names Adam and Abraham amongst others. These are your Galactic Ancestors.

The Kabbah, the Sumarian StarGate, the Detroit StarGate and the StarGate in Iranʻs Presidential Palace are examples of Artificial StarGates. Some StarGates take One to distant Stars and Planets in the blink of an eye. Other StarGates transport One from a point on Earth to another point on Earth instantly.

One Example of an Artificial StarGate for Inner Earth travel is Abu Simbel in Egypt. Inside Ramses II Temple at Abu Simbel is the Seating Chamber. This is the place to gather to pass through the StarGate there. One enters their MerKaBa Body and a great flash of light opens the StarGate and propels One to a cavern at Inner Earth. What happens there is mystical and reserved for those initiated in it. What happens there is available to anyone who prepares themself and Asks their Angelic Guides.

Carved 200 feet into the rock at the Sanctuary of Ramses II are four statues who are called Ptah, Amun, Ramses II and Ra. These represent the Trinity of God known in several cultures. In Christianity they are called God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. In Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism they are known as Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. In Egypt they are represented in form as Ra the Sun God, Alcyone the Lion headed God and Mother Sekhmet the Lion Goddess. The Sanctuary of Ramses II in our Universe Nebadon is an exact duplicate of another Sanctuary of Ramses II found in the Light Universe called On. In this Sanctuary carved deep inside the mountain light is let in from the outside twice a year as the Sun Shines on Ra, Ramses II and Amun. This light now shines in about 60 days after the Fall and 60 days after the Summer Solstices. This Sanctuary was built so long ago, so many thousands of years ago that the Solar Journey has shifted that much. When it was built the Sun shone in on the Solstices.

About the Trinity God. This is representative of the Godhead. The Supreme Absolute Energy is Source Energy from the Central Sun also called Alcyone.This Central Sun is represented by the Sun God Ra. From here the Godhead descends into Divine Masculine Energy and Divine Feminine Energy. The Son and the Holy Spirit are interchangeable with Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. These three are the macrocosm for the Circle of Life of Death and Rebirth. One is the Creator (The Father, Brahma) One is the Preserver (The Son, Vishnu) One is the Destroyer (The Holy Spirit, Shiva) As Jesus walked his lifetime I, as an aspect of Vishnu, Maitreya, overlighted Jesusʻ work. He was anchoring in the Energy from Divine Source through Me. All of the Masters work with the Highest Forces of Light in a cooperative manner and never work alone. The Holy Spirit is a term which was used to hide humanʻs powers of Divine Feminine. In the lighted realms High Beings which are descendant Souls from Source are not identified as masculine or feminine for they are complete mergers with the One and hold both qualities. Only when they incarnate do they take on a human form. The Holy Spirit represents Shiva Shakti, Mother Sekhmet and Mother Mary as that quality emanating from the Divine.

When One enters the Sanctuary of Ramses II they walk past these statue forms of Ptah, Amun, Ramses II and Ra. These are the Supernatural Beings who came from the Light Universe through 26 degrees Sagittarius at Galactic Center to incarnate at Earth and remind us of the Way Home. The Milky Way lights the Path out of the created dark Matter form Galaxy to the uncreated light Matter formless Galaxy on the other side of Galactic Center. We are constantly evolving as a Collective Consciousness to the Higher Realms of Light and Truth. It is said these carved Beings can be animated with the Spirit they represent. When walking past them to the StarGate their vibrational frequency is activated.  By passing your own vibration before the key then the StarGate is lit with radiant light and ready to pass through. After Changeover you will be free to move through the StarGates as you desire.

Changeover is a term describing Earthʻs return to Zero Point Energy. This is precisely the Energy activated to move through a StarGate. This is what is meant by the loose term “Earthʻs Ascension.” Earth is constantly evolving or ascending as are all the other Suns and Stars in the Cosmos. The Ascension to the 5th Dimension and above only occur when Earth returns to Zero Point.

Zero Point is achieved by a network of Energy Transducers of different kinds including StarGates, Portals, Obelisks, Pyramids and ZPM machines or Zero Point Modulators. These are located on strategic points in the Jungles of Asia, South America and in the Middle East. Indeed recently new Pyramids have been discovered in Egypt and Antarctica. This is no mistake. Earthʻs Shifts on her tectonic plates are activating the Crystals deep inside her caverns and raising these Pyramids to the surface again as we move to Changeover.

When activated Earth achieves a Force Field of Energy called Zero Point. This is a Grid of Energy from Source which resonates as Love. It surrounds Earth and it is within this Energy free travel from inner to outer Dimensions in this Universe are possible. When Zero Point is achieved duality ceases to exist. In this Energy our Galactic Family can land on Earth to offer all forms of relief from the State of Consciousness where we currently reside.

In your meditations link with this light realm. Call on Any Ascended Masters you feel a connection to as they are your resource to the Higher Understandings the Higher Wisdom. They See You and they Stand By to help you and wait your call for you must ask. Remember. Remember. Remember. Om. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. This is Kalki Maitreya through Elizabeth Trutwin, September 5, 2012.,,
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