When I am trusting and being myself as fully as possible, everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously.

— Shakti Gawain

Self-Compassion Opens The Door To Self-Healing

Self-Compassion Opens The Door To Self-Healing

Until we learn self-compassion, we aren’t loving ourselves. Being out of love with ourselves is the cause of all our spiritual / emotional / mental / physical wounds. When we aren’t loving ourselves, we feel disconnected from our Source, which is Love Itself. Once we’ve opened up our end of the conversation with our Source, have acknowledged our wound, and have become willing to take responsibility for our lives, then awakening compassion for ourselves is the next essential step in our healing and wellbeing.

Like most of us, you were probably taught that you should have compassion for others, but were you ever taught that you need to have compassion for yourself first? Most of us weren’t. And the truth is, until you have compassion for yourself, you won’t be able to bring it to others. Then when we try to be compassionate with others and fail, the inevitable result is we add yet another layer of self-judgment upon ourselves.

When Your Inner Being Calls For Self-Compassion

When something happens and we feel strong negative emotions, often there is an old wound from childhood that has been triggered. A door to the unconscious opens and stands ready for us to enter and BE with ourselves to heal the wound. Our conditioning often tells us to ignore the door and distract ourselves in some way by reaching for an addictive substance or behavior.

However, when the pain gets so great, eventually we find ourselves at a site like this one, or looking into the pages of a book, willing to do what it takes to heal and find our way to wellbeing.

All of our wounds stem from a false belief that we are separate from our Source. Ultimately, it is Source that does ALL healing. Therefore, the first step in any effective healing practice is to align ourselves with That. However, we still need to work WITH the Divine, to partner in our own healing. The human, psychological part required of you is to bring compassion for yourself, FROM yourself (more about this below), which unravels the core wound. Until then it stands unresolved in your energy field. For permanent healing we need to become conscious of our wound and be willing to bring love to this vulnerable part of ourselves, starting with self-compassion.

What Does Showing Compassion For Yourself Look Like?

Self-compassion means to fully BE with yourself in a deeply aware and non-judging way as a loyal and trustworthy friend. It is a willingness to be with yourself as a loving companion to your own pain. Self-compassion includes care, concern, solicitude, sensitivity, warmth, unconditional love, tenderness, acceptance, mercy, leniency, kindness, and charity for ourselves. Compassion for yourself is a softness that flows within you and permeates your emotional / energy wound with acceptance, unconditional love and intimate understanding.

No one in the world knows your feelings and hurts as well as you do. You know all the intricacies and tendrils of them, firsthand and up close. Because of this you are the one most qualified to bring love to this part of yourself.

Self-compassion is seeing your most tender wounds without judgment. Showing compassion to yourself is being willing to see / feel the reality of your pain without covering it up or trying to “fix” it. Once this level of self-love occurs, a door opens to the understanding of why the pain is there. As we lovingly befriend ourselves, awareness reveals the cause / effect dynamic that created the wound in the first place – a set of circumstances we experienced from which we formulated a negative belief about ourselves.


The power of compassion is seeing ourselves as Source sees us. Compassion is a God quality and when we tap into it, we have access to a very high energy field of healing and wellbeing. We get to intimately experience Source’s unconditional love for us. We discover what it is like to be loved totally, in every cell of our being, exactly as we are.


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