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Change Your Thought Patterns and Discover Doors Once Closed Becoming Opened

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ September 04 – 11, 2012
Channeled by: Julie Miller
September 04, 2012

No matter the weather where you are at, it is always a blessing to come through your sister to converse with all of you. I AM eternally grateful for her allowance of this time and for you for taking the time from your busy day to be with us. Even if there is no sunshine where you are, the sun is shining within you dear ones – inside your bright and beautiful heart.
I have heard the question countless of times, “Why Me?” or “Why do awful things always happen to me?” There are other variations to these questions and there are plenty of solutions and answers. When you are faced with so many difficult situations seemingly one after the other it is easy for many dear souls to find themselves deep into a self-pitying mode of despair, in turn creating further negative energy to surround your spirit and effecting your mind, body and heart with angry and disillusioned thoughts and actions.
Dear ones, it is during such times – ALL times that I encourage each of you to look at your dissatisfactions as a chance to try again and to do things with a different decision at certain intervals than before. A repeated lesson is never a waste of time dear ones. It is a wonderful chance to pause where you are at and try to create a different and more efficient way of completing a task or following a different choice that will lead to a different outcome and possibly breaking the cycle that caused the lesson to repeat itself. As a result dear ones, this is a perfect time to look within, a little closer at specific events with an honest to goodness eye and to listen to your inner voice and not to the Ego. What I often see dear ones is many people doing opposite of what their inner voice is telling them. Sometimes this can advantageous and sometimes this selective listening only brings confusion and disappointment. Every step you take regardless if you are following your trusted intuition or bull-dozing ahead without any thought all brings you to many wonderful learning opportunities. No waste occurs wherever your path takes you. When you think you are wasting your time, look at this and determine why. Are you in a hurry? Is there a schedule you must keep? Your spiritual journey has no clock, and it keeps no timetable. You progress through your efforts from learning each phase as you are meant to. Indeed rushing may get you ahead in some areas, but what always happens is you find you are missing pertinent information and must then backtrack and re-learn what you rushed away from. No matter how menial the lesson is, ALL is relevant.
Remember dear ones; there is always a reason for everything. How many times have you misplaced your keys or left something important at home and had to go back? This does not happen only to irritate you. Maybe your keys were purposely misplaced to protect you from a traffic accident, or possibly an interaction with a person you don’t see eye-to-eye was in your neighbourhood, the possibilities are endless, but there is always a reason and some reasons are easier to figure out than others. This does not mean dear ones every time you forget your keys it is to save you from a traffic accident, just keep in mind, someone special is looking out for you and you already know who that special being is – God is the answer dear ones.
Energy is required for every aspect of your life, even when it comes to sleep you have to have the energy for your body to relax and shut down in order for sleep to happen. When you use your energy to manifest and to pray for change in your life, you are rounding up your energy and focusing dear ones, envisioning what it is you wish to happen the most and your effort is filled with the purest and deepest of unconditional love. There is never really a bad time to work on your manifestations dear ones, but it is understood you are able to put out more energy when you are not feeling sick, overly tired or rushed because your mind must be clear from any distracting clutter and this dear ones requires energy as well. When you are transmuting your energy of your thoughts and what you wish for to happen into action this will eventually lead into a physical experience this requires pure focused attention and effort from you. This dear ones is your personal power and this is the topic of our discussion.
Dear ones I would like to make it perfectly clear that your personal power has nothing to do with physical strength, bravery, or any Ego driven action. Your personal power dear ones is your ability to face your situations and circumstances with confidence and assurance that you will put your best foot forward and you will succeed. You must TRUST yourself and your inner wisdom even if it seems your own actions are not taking you towards your desired direction.
Your personal power dear ones compels you to have a brave heart and soul when you face your fears; do not crush them, see the information that is there and learn what is being shown to you. Any fear you have dear ones opens a conflicting contrast to your goal. Contrasts are to be used to glean information from, not to be smashed, covered up or overlooked. Any contrast or negative emotion is another kind of energy dear ones. I urge each of you to transform and change the energy of what you fear and your restrictive beliefs into beneficial direction for your journey.
Dear ones, inside of you right this very moment and every moment is the power to do many things, some things you have only thought about some you may have never given a moment’s thought. This incredible power dear ones will always be available to you as soon as you change your thought patterns and open your heart and mind to all the possibilities that exist. Don’t just “I think there is this, or “I think this could happen”. Go and find out, investigate and discover all you can that leaves nothing left to guessing. Guessing is what the Ego likes to do best.
Identify your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs through your personal power and learn to remove what is no longer useful on your journey – take the time to do an inner clean-up of old belief systems and ideas that are only holding you back. This provides a moment to remind yourself what you learned from these events, and provides you the opportunity to finally put some things behind you and move forward as the present is where you are and where you are presently is beautiful. If you do discover a hidden fear or one you have tucked away, question it. Ask yourself, “What is it that created this fear?” Your answers will not come from another person as they are within you. It is during such self-discovery moments that many dear souls learn so much of themselves. It is also during this time when certain SELF truths are revealed and some may not be what you have thought all along, definitely this part of your journey that can occur more than once throughout your journey of self-discovery and growth can upsetting. The truth isn’t always easy to see but it is necessary dear ones.
The more willing you are to face ALL truths, the more creative opportunities you will have to increase and articulate yourself lovingly through the pure love for yourself and for the world that you share with a diverse population. Remember dear ones you were meant to have creative thoughts and concepts that eventually lead into completion.
Your personal power enables you to reach many heights spiritually and in your personal life. Through your personal power dear ones you will realize what you are willing to accept and learn that it’s up to you to organize all your naturally born talents and focus on what it is, your goal that you are trying so hard to achieve. If you are finding it difficult to form your personal power foundation alone, invoke my presence, and seek guidance from God – you are never alone on your journey dear ones. Share your concerns with your guides and allow the angels that work with you to carry some of heavy cumbersome burdening grief. We are are here to support you, love and guide you; yet we cannot until you ask us to.
Once you have developed trust in yourself and accepted into your heart fully and unconditionally the guidance from the being or beings you choose to work with, you will discover you are in perfect position of your personal power and being in this alignment is a wonderful feelings. You will feel balanced, more centered and the lack of the need to judge or criticize others because you are now in harmony with yourself and all that is. You will have reached a higher consciousness that does not require the input of your Ego. Your journey is yours dear ones, and another person’s journey will always differ from yours. What is important is how you handle each and every situation. When you are truly and clearly aligned, you will not be prone to emotional outbursts as your inner self is in balance of your outer self. This is an important accomplishment to reach and one that I have seen takes many people their whole lives to achieve, but they still did. Not giving up is the key.
When you learn to control your mind, you will know exactly how to disperse your personal power. Allow yourself the feeling of contentment and joy once you KNOW you have accomplished this part of your journey.  And share this wonderful acclimation through your heart-ful actions to all you meet, no matter if they are friend or stranger – your spiritual energy will be aglow with love that will illuminate your true self in all you set out to do or say.
Always my time spent conversing with all of you brings me great joy. No matter where you are on your journey or what you have achieved along the way, the special-ness each of you brings is infinitely remarkable.
I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

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