Let your Light Shine!



Dear Jilahilah, today we would like to speak with you about the vibration of the Peace.

This message is for you, but not only for you. It is for all the people, who walk in the Light, for those who, like you, are working for the healing of this Planet. Today we are here to pray you, to ask you to send this wave of energy to some of our dearest Brothers, who are very connected with our Star. They are the Brothers, who live in the ocean and work to maintain the health of the water on the planet, and whom need a lot of help: from our Star we are providing to send them all our help. Those who are connected with us, as you are, have the task to retransmit to them these vibrations. So if you can an if you want, in this period please make a connection to all the cetaceans and send them Love, send them cleaning energy, wellness and healing to all your Seas, please help the Cetaceans in their wprk of cleaning and re-balancing.

Everything what has happened in the Seas, has brought to big disharmony. It is your work because what has happened, came to let you realize, that your job is to clean up everything that has been soiled and to rebalance everything that has been brought out of harmony. It is your aim to understand that you can do that. So if you want Lara, please make a connection with these creatures and send them help, as we do. We should work beside in this purpose and please make all our Syrians brothers do the same, it is in their capabilities, it is in their DNA, it is in their memory. You will find in your heart, the vibration that resonates with those Creatures, with your Seas and with us, with our Star. There is something similar to a Central installation, that we manage in this moment to bring in the oceans huge quantities of this frequency and vibration. If you could in a certain way measure it, you would realize how it is acting in all your seas. Please make this Connection with the Cetaceans, with those, that you feel particularly close to your heart, and with the others, please create with them a support network made up of Love and energy of Support, then the energy that these Creatures are using it is very huge and they need the Recharging energy that you can send to them.

When you are making this connection, imagine your heart completely blue, because blue is the vibration, then imagine it expanding and taking the shape of the Earth. Extend this blue to all the Oceans, imagine in your blue Heart, that is very big and has the shape of the Planet Earth, all the whales swimming and resonating with this frequency, which recharge them: they will take care on their turn, to resend that frequency, which is able to clean up the sea and to help all marine Creatures, in order to give a Rest to the Planet , while feeling this caress. This wave of frequency will be for the Earth like a wave of oxygen and its movement will give a deep breath and a big relief. Pleas send this message to all your Syrians brothers, to all of them, because all the humans have this capability, for the Syrians like you, it is something that dwells deeply connected to the DNA.

This is the task that we ask you to bring further in this period, in which you are immersed in a deep balance. Please remember the message that we have given to you, is very important in this moment, because the Cetaceans are suffering. They have launched their appeal to us and we responded, please join us and answer, as we did. This is another step further in our partnership, it is a wonderful opportunity for all of you, to make the spring. Please communicate and work hard on that, using all your talents and your skills. These creatures will answer to you and will get in contact with you, you can be sure about that, and you will hear them, and it will be the beginning of a wonderful cooperation.

Now Jilahilah we say good-bye to you, please receive all our Love and don’t be afraid, we are always in contact with you, and another thing, as I always say and I will always say to you, please trust your feelings, trust what you see, trust your intuition. Trust me, don’t be afraid.
With all my love, Jilahilah.



Special thanks to ROBERTA for the translation

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