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Agartha from the Inner Earth to Friends of the Light workers of the Surface

Agartha from the Inner Earth to Friends of the Light workers of the Surface

August 8, 2012
We are friends of Patrick, our names are Lona and Rai and we are your brother and your sister of the inner earth. Do believe that there are benevolent beings that exist, live and exude joy from within your planet that we term Gaia. Gaia is mother earth and we realize that all light workers are familiar with the beauty of being grounded to our Gaia. For eons those on the surface have been led to believe that the stars, the sun and the planets and their alignments and the energy that flows from those alignments were inconsequential to your growth and your joy.

Those within the light now realize that particular religious sects have spent an inordinate amount of time and money to insure that advanced beings of ancient times were ridiculed in the name of heresy as a result of not conforming to the powers that be within particular religions. As a result certain governments were given permission to eliminate those advanced and loving beings in the name of the church of that moment in time.

There were humans that possessed advanced knowledge of the cosmos, planetary alignments, planetary shifts, even star systems they recordered that they could not even witness within their limited instruments of a millennia ago. Your history claims they cannot systemically explain why. We believe that those in the light working on Gaia know this intimate truth. It is truly unfortunate that the governments of the day were given permission to eradicate those civilizations with the ‘blessing’ of a religious hierarchy. Let us look at the Aztec and their destruction by the Spanish. The English were given their ‘divine’ permission to eradicate the Druids and Pagans all of whom worshipped the earth, the sun and the cosmos.

We of the inner earth mention these events, these occurrences to bring more positive realization that all you may have learned in you history books may not be correct. The dissemination is yours for the learning from within you. We of Agartha take great pride that those of you in the light at some level are aware of these occurrences. Let us not dwell on these events but let us realize we now have what is within us to alter that which has attempted to guide us for eons and to know that all we will ever need is within.
When the truth is glaring to those that can appreciate the light, the curtain automatically opens to those that desire it to be so. And the truth can never be hidden, it can be distorted and others can attempt to hide its light however when one is in the light that is what will be seen, only light and truths. It will come down to you light workers to show the truth, to expose the light to those that have chosen to remain in the veil out of comfort and an unwillingness to change due to comfort levels.

To move into the light as you that are reading this message means to shed tenets of your previous experiences and replace them with, sometimes uncomfortable, changes but ultimately you will know that your heart exudes a feeling that cannot be ignored or brushed under a carpet. It becomes so bright that it cannot be ignored. That is you who are, light workers.

If we may we would like to allow you to know that when the ultimate ascension occurs, and by the way ascension is not an event but a process to move onto an awareness that the old skin that you are wearing will no longer suit that which you choose to be. When your crustaceans much like the crab in particular and the snakes of your world no longer can move further in their evolution they shed their shell and their skin respectively so that they move onto a higher experience of growth. This is similar of ascension. The crab and snake are very vulnerable in these times; you of the light will be protected in those moments of the now.

This is who we in Agartha have been tasked to do, to create a loving, protected and clear scenario to move into you next path of spiritual growth that you have deliberately chosen. Ascend you will, you have chosen this and we will honor this.

Your old ways of pressing through your current existence will melt away. There exists on the surface much judgment of others; those with money have a tendency to look down upon those that may not have enough financial resources. There are arguments over conditions and issues that have no real bearing on life except to make one human right and another wrong, thus disregarding the issue that created the argument altogether. There are those that feel entitled to more than others should receive, and there is hate among groups that perceive themselves superior.

We bring these items to light because these are the mainstay of what is termed 3rd dimension and not as a continuance of that which is perceived as negative. We have mentioned that ascension to the higher dimensions is a process much like learning to ride a bicycle or in the case of Patrick and his willingness to continue to move forward into the light of what he truly desires, surfing and spiritual ascension. Ascension is not a now you are 3rd d and all of a sudden we are all ascended masters.

Even our brothers and sisters in the sky let us now lovingly that a choice, a change of our thought patterns that comes from within which is needed. And those of you that are reading this have already made that decision, so the process will come naturally and it will come as though we have already lived it and you will all fall into as if you were created for this time.

The relationships that are often entered into in your current state of being those ones between couples, mostly are of one of those coupled need something they perceive they cannot achieve on their own. This is a false perception perpetrated by those that wish you to remain within the veil. If the dark ones allowed you to realize the power you truly have within their grip would have no force, no bearing on their plan of having to acquire and perpetrate your power outside of yourself.

This too is a perpetration of deceit created by those of your organized religion that thrive and rely on your need for them to create your perceptions that your existence is vital that you place your life decisions and your life manifesto within their hands so that your life will be of their choosing. Allow us to offer that your power, your spiritual growth, your growth in love and of self-have always been within. This the dark ones have been quashing for millennia. As rhetoric why have the organized religions of the surface chose to destroy those peoples that have worshipped the earth, the moon, and the stars and without a central figure dictating what the ‘flock’ should follow. There were no central control figures.

Again, we of the inner earth see watch and listen to all that has been perpetrated on the surface for millennia. As our Galactic Brothers and Sisters we telepathically visualize and communicate for the betterment of your peoples all that happens. We too follow the illumati ( we do not capitalize this word as it deserves no respect) as they are termed and know exactly how they wish to disrupt. As in our previous messages we hope you are experiencing in the press those petty disruptions. We are sad to see that human lives have been affected, but these are the actions of an organization that are losing a grip, a grip that they never truly had a hold on.

Please know we are advanced technologically and this is why our community has existed in peace for millennia, except for your US military making an attempt in the past in an attempt to conquer. Please disseminate the information on this intrusion and seek your truth.
We continue our conversations through Patrick as he is in tune with us below your earth although he sometimes wonders from where these communications come from and are they the truth. We will add, seek in your heart the message communicated here and see if a bell rings (we like that saying) within you as to the content and intent.

We would like to add, your relationships with you flame are sacred and will play a part in the times to come. You will know each other but your essence will differ, it will be more pure, no conflict, your love will be different in that it will transcend anything petty that may exist and you will finally see the light of your flame where in the 3rd it was deliberately hidden from you.
We are speaking together in this communications, we are Rai and Lona of Agartha and we will see you and we will know you more and there will be the love you feel when we meet and it will be pure.

Patrick, thank you for inviting us to communicate again and say hello and hug you beautiful boy for us. We have all of our immense love for you all, those that are aware and those that will soon be aware. WE have more updates and will communicate those soon.
I love you and see you and I know we will communicate soon.

Patrick Sullivan

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