Your heart is the compass of the soul! It will never lead you astray, as long as you follow the magnetism of Love!

— The God Light

The System of Receiving Information


Hello Son,

The System of Receiving Information

We perceive and make accurate/non accurate judgements through our material senses, which are limited. Then from the information we analyse through our conscious logic brain, only to chatter or argue to ourselves wondering if it’s true or not. Then make an action, if any hesitantly, only to be unsure of the final outcome.

The enlightened soul does not fear of any repercussions if anything or outcome that will go wrong. As he has found himself, his source within that he trusts; because he knows that beauty lies within himself, that he can turn to for answers.

At whatever the state of mind the person is or what level of understanding; his answer will be according to his level. This understanding comes with images that ignite the mind to further the experience or the question being asked.

When this is explored further, his depth of understanding increases again and again.

If a person only touches the surface of a topic then his understanding will be limited. If he then changes to another topic or question, then he may lose his understanding in a few days. However, if his cosmic memory is open or he has written it down then he is likely to remember.

When we look externally for an answer we get an interpretation from another who has given a definition from its own identity/ego/perception; this will be according to his own understanding too.

If I told you to write a story about a river and gave the same task to another thousand people, then every story would be different. But why is it so? You know the answer, it is because they have their own identity and personality, consequently giving there own story according to their own free will.

But again why is it so that all of them are different and not the same?

This is because of how they access the memory and information based on their own understanding. It is not about language but about understanding.

If we constantly ask the same question, the thirst inside increases minute after minute, hour after hour and so on; until all of a sudden sometimes unexpectedly you find the answer you were looking for.

If we hold onto a question and a single question only, and then give this some time, without going to another; then the cosmic universe will bow to your demand.

If we lose patience and give up then the time or opportunity would be lost.

All sources of information has a time period to initiate this dependent again to your own personal understanding and the opportune time you give.

This has nothing to do with whether someone is following a certain path or not; the opportunities are the same for everyone. One only needs to be patient and give it some time.

Often people ask someone else when they are confused for the answers, which is wise in these occasions. However if there is trust and that trust is within yourself then the mind will give you the inspiration you need for all matters.

Even it will protect you from harm or even warn you of a certain event; like in your dream of three days ago.

Everyone awakens in different ways, but this is not about awakening, but trusting your own system of your mind, body and soul complex for answers that you seek.

On occasions some answers will not be given until a period of time has passed, this is often for your own protection or simply it is best that you do not know.

The Creator holds the keys to our understanding, what we learn and what we teach to others. He is our ultimate guide to our wisdom. There is no other, in Him we trust.

The beauty is within yourself that needs to be trusted; you call it your trusted friend or twin flame. It has always been there.

The words of the Creator are many and many would interpret this differently; but this is another beauty of the Lord, to express differently according to your own understanding and free will.

Some would add another thousand words to this channelling, and this would be a blessing; as this ignited the conscious into action, revealing more wisdom.

Your mother; learn to trust your innerself or inner guides and spirit guides for your questions. To be lost in the dimension of thought is another silence that leads to the keys of wisdom.
Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
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