Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible sun within us.

— Sir Thomas Brown

Is there a purpose to Life?

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The purpose of life, and of the Universe we find ourselves in, has puzzled mankind since the beginning of time. Every now and again, a piece of the puzzle falls neatly into place, but still, for many of us, the entire picture is far from being complete.

The purpose of this web page is to help you put a few pieces of the puzzle into place . . .

. . . . Before the material universe was created all that existed was the incomprehensible mind of All That Is – God. In this state, God knew all there was to know, but could not experience or feel it. The reason was simple. In the Absolute, there are no opposites to compare things to, just the purest love, joy and bliss imaginable.

There is a big difference between having knowledge about something and experiencing and feeling that same thing. For example, one can know about joy, but only if there is sadness to compare it to. One can also know about love, but experiencing and feeling it is something quite different.

Without opposites in the Absolute, we could not compare or relate to anything, nor could we have emotions. One cannot experience and feel hot unless there is cold, health unless there is sickness, joy unless there is sorrow, love unless there is hatred, forgiveness unless there is anger, compassion unless there is bitterness, masculinity unless there is femininity, and so on. God desired to experience polarity.

He created us (souls) and then created a physical universe in which all that existed had an opposite. As extensions of our Source, we would then voluntarily enter the physical universe and be able to experience and feel for ourselves and for God – All That Is. Another way to say this is that when we smell a rose, God smells a rose. The entire experience allows God and us to learn more about ourselves and become grander versions of who we are.

Your soul, your higher self, is immensely powerful beyond your current ability to understand it. Why? Because it is a fragment or miniaturized version of its Source. Said another way, it is God expressing itself as God. Your soul is a sacred piece of All That Is.

Your conscious self is a projection of your soul experiencing the material world through you (a soul extension). God is experiencing this same world through your soul. The soul – your soul – knows all there is to know at all times. There’s nothing hidden to it, nothing unknown. Yet knowing is not enough. The soul seeks to experience. It is your soul’s greatest desire to turn its grandest concept about itself into its greatest experience.

Your soul is the sum total of every feeling you have ever created and experienced. Your awareness of some of these is called your memory. When you have a memory, you are said to re-member. That is, to put back together. To reassemble to the parts. When you reassemble all the parts of you, you will have re-membered who you really are.

We are here as an experimental force learning about hate and fear in order to truly understand love and compassion. We are here to create, and to remember who we are.

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