Feel the pain of others.
Understand their struggles and disappointments,
… their hardships and inadequacies…
And open your heart to them.
Realize that everyone is doing the best they possibly can.

Judge no one.

But rather, cradle all of Humanity in your heart.

— Anonymous

Laughter Medicine

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Dear Granddaughter,

We ask you to invite your readers to use laughter to help heal the effects of scary times passed through. As you know laughter is a powerful Medicine and there is plenty to be had by telling each other funny stories, to make Light of dark times and grizzly sights and sounds as so many in Law enforcement and the mental health fields have known, and there is a wealth of stand up comics, comedy shows and movies to pick from to enjoy on the Web.

Laughter dispels fear and sorrow which is why it has been a huge part of indigenous tradition to tell stories about a dearly departed tribal member after physical death; in the Winnebago tribe’s tradition for three days and nights to assure the departing that the tribe is healthy and not suffering unduly from grief that debilitates and sickens if it goes unchecked. This tradition of course in no way undermines compassionate care and concern in the shock and aftermath of a death, it is simply to remind the tribe that the departed lives on in spirit and still cares for the People. Telling stories and playing games and gathering for meals together; all generations, is a valued part of honoring the dead on the journey Home. The soul has transitioned from one form into another dimension that parallels the living.

We also wish for you to make mention of the movie The Secret which is another teaching tool to explain how keeping one’s emotions in the upper ranges of gratitude, joy, peace, bliss, and serenity attracts abundance and safety and peace and more of the positive dreams any individual cares to dream. For themselves, for their family and friends, for the community for the Earth temple herself.

We know that grief, sorrow and loss does not evaporate overnight, but that learning these practices aids in the lessening of these feelings, and that some laughs between the tears lightens the heaviness of feeling low and at the bottom of a dark staircase.

We wish our beloved children and grandchildren to feel free of guilt over feeling these feelings. This is only compounding suffering we are here to alleviate. The suffering times are rapidly coming to an end we herald with these recent channels. It will be an adjustment but a very happy one! The key to Mastery is simply not to wallow in them, to drown in them. Feel them, cry them out and let them go. Heaven collects every tear. and waters the New Earth with them.

The eensy weensy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out! Out came the sun and dried up all the rain so the eensy weensy spider went up the spout again.

Kisses and hugs, nudges and insights…keep listening to the wisdom within and watch the unfolding without.

NOW, please dear grandchild share the meditation you use each afternoon for an hour:

Breathe in 7 quick breaths and then one out…repeat three times with ten to 15 seconds in between… then grow out of the bottom of the feet two amber threads of Light that descend into the core of the Earth to wrap around my Akashic crystal within the Cave of Creation… breathe in, and out slowly, relaxing with each breath cycle….imagine all of my body’s cells bathed in golden Light, and open with each breath my chakras from the root chakra to the crown….once ALL are lit up, bring down the purple/blue ultraviolet ray through the crown down through the chakras through the feet to descend and connect with my Akashic crystal and back up through the Earth’s core to either pole of the Earth up into Space containing all Satellites orbitting the planet and carrying media communications in the form of the TORUS. (See the movie Thrive). Continue to breath slowly, feeling bliss and serenity, maintaining this visualization for one hour or so.

This Meditation is a purifying one for ALL on temple Planet Earth. ALL are invited to try it out for themselves as it DOES feel like a good washing of all bodies and is pure in intent.

LOVE and sweet dreams to you our dear ones. The Grandmothers

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