Make your optimism come true.

— Anonymous

The manuscript of survival – part 176


As the days go by and everything seems to be oh so slowly turning on its head, so much of what you take for granted has to be let go of, like grains of sand running through your fingers. This process will be a very thorough one, but for most of you, it also seems to be an almost unbearably slow one. But remember, you are actually changing completely, literally from the inside out, and as you still have to inhabit this physical body in order to accomplish what you came here to do, this body also needs time in order to complete this process. So, lest you should literally fall into pieces, you need to be kept at the right timing for this metamorphosis, and even if your patience and mayhaps temper is running short by now, understand that this is in fact going incredibly fast, and the pace could not be speeded up more than it has already.

In addition to this, you cannot begin to comprehend all of the monumental changes you have completed already, as so little is indeed visible on the surface. To you, you seem to be looking at the same physical countenance every time you face yourself in a mirror, but to us, you literally sing to a very different tune to the one you used to emit earlier on. Then, you were only like a sad whisper shimmering in the woods. Now, you are like the mighty lion’s roar, and we are all in awe of your powerful presence.

Soon, the rest of the world will have to sit up and listen too, because soon, you will all unleash your newfangled powers and stand tall and proud, announcing your presence here to anyone and everything. For you will not be kept long under wraps dear ones, and as this long-winded process is finally getting near completion, so too you. So get ready to exercise that voice, dear ones, for it is the voice of reason and the voice of joy, and get ready to sing at the top of that new voice, and join the choirs already singing the praise of the Multiverse.

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