So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit-It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit!

Our Lady – Faith

The subject today is Faith. Faith it is said is it not, can move mountains and yet there are many forms of faith.   So which one are we talking about? The most important faith of all. The faith within yourself, about yourself. A vital friend, a true companion and yet how often is this friend and companion contacted or acknowledged, let alone being asked to help?

In general it is very rare is it not and yet here within you, you have the answers to so many things. A question will arise, “how can I trust, there are so many conflicting offers made if I try?”   Firstly, become at one with yourself, become your own best friend, become the sort of person you would like to be. The sort of person you would look up to, the one you would trust in all situations. The one that if you were given the opportunity and told you could ever only have one other friend, that would be the one.

So firstly do that to yourselves and even that can assure a much more profitable and fulfilled and enlightened life, having allowed that part of you to be acknowledged and to be accessible. Start with simple questions and yes indeed for a time there is no doubt you will receive conflicting answers, because the mind will want to step in and take over.

The mind that has had control for oh so long is not going to relinquish that control readily, it will fight. It will give you what it thinks you want, it will give you what it thinks you hope to get, but it won’t necessarily give you what you need and that is the difference. The mind has to be controlled, it has to learn it’s place in things, that it does not take over and have complete control at all times.

So yes, it will fight, it will come up with so many reasons why it should be the one that is listened to, but learn to go beyond that, go deeper, for that mind of yours is a product of this lifetime in most ways, and in being a product of this lifetime it has been indoctrinated into what is taking place around you.

That Faith within, that Inner Voice, call it what you will, has been with you forever. Sometimes it has been allowed to roar like a lion, but in general now it is allowed no more than to squeak like a mouse. It does not have to take over, it does not want to fight the mind for possession or control, it has a long term objective and that is to steer you where you need to be steered.

To guide you, to help you on your way, however long and however often it is necessary. It knows that the battle is not the war, it is the war that is important to win and accordingly it will often stay right back waiting for the right time. Now can be that right time, now can be the time when you can bring it forth once more, you can empower it once more and you will receive so very, very much in doing so.

For that Faith within yourself, within your own abilities will shine forth like a beacon in the darkness and others will acknowledge. They may not understand, they don’t need to. You have all seen these special souls you get into connection with. Special human beings, they’re few and far between but they leave an indelible impression upon you when they touch you.

Wouldn’t you like to be one of these? Surely such an imprint upon another being is far more important and far greater than winning in a game or at work, or financially, or physically. You can’t be strong in all those, but you can be strong with your Inner Self.

Try it, see how you go, see how you like it, see if it works for you – but at least give it a chance, for we can assure you it is waiting for that chance and given any opportunity it wants to help and in all reality when you look around how many others can you say that about?

How many others really want to help you for all the right reasons? To bring out the best in you, to be tough with you when they need to be, to love you when you need love, to teach you trust. All of these things and many more are there to be had. There is no price to pay, you don’t have to raid your credit card to get the magical formula back. This is priceless, so why not use it?

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