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Practice for Manifesting in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensional realms 28 July 2012 – 1:13pm | Shazi

Hello Son,

Practice for Manifesting in the Fourth and Fifth Dimensional realms

In great lengths we have discussed meditation and reminded you to raise one’s frequencies to match the fourth so that the gate can be opened.

A person is regularly thinking about material things and objects; then we do not recognise that we are permanently grounded to this world. It will take all our thinking time away and we will not be able to concentrate for lengthy periods at a time.

Once we are free of these interruptions our dreams and experiences will increase. We will see visions even when awake; when this happens then we have entered the higher realms of existence.

This is a careful balance of negating one’s emotions completely to enter a higher realm.

The mind and conscious is such a tool that this is possible and many around the world are doing this as you read these words.

This is your next goal in your path of achievement of enlightenment. By simply thinking is not enough it is also a form of exercise and practice is needed.

We suggest before you sleep consciously think about your dreams and keep this in your mind. When the next day you wake up, think about what you saw and write it down.

Over time this will increase and the inner sight will also be clear.

There are many methods but like all, practice is needed.

Your mother; be at piece and relax, then meditate in silence.
Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
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