Tomorrow is shaped by the decisions we make today.



Greetings My Beloved Ones,

You are now walking a higher path of Light. You have prevailed over many challenges and released pockets of old energetic patterns. You have transmuted and transformed energetic patterns of a lower vibration into ones of a higher vibration. You have stayed the course, and you have been rewarded with new and expanding vistas.

You are now refining your walk on the path of Light. Now your next adventure on your path begins. As you continue you walk on the higher path of Light, you may wish to review a few key points to assist you in your walk.

First, remain true to yourself and your ideals. As you walk a path of higher and higher vibration, it is important to follow your inner guidance and remain true to what is right for you and for the greatest good of all.

When you turn to your inner guidance for direction, you develop and refine your sense of discernment. You begin to notice subtle differences in situations and vibrations, and your ability to know whether they resonate with you increases. Your own internal barometer is being more keenly attuned. This allows you to refine your walk on the path of Light by knowing whether a situation is right for you. As you increase your discernment, you will develop degrees of determining the resonance of situations with your own vibration. You will be able to know whether a situation is totally in harmony with your vibration, whether certain aspects are in harmony and others are not, or whether the situation is not at all in harmony with you.

Discernment may come in different forms. You may feel a sensation in a part of the body such as the solar plexus. If you feel a tenseness in this area, the situation may not resonate with you. However, if you feel peace and harmony, this may indicate a more positive resonance. Discernment may also come in the form of an inner knowing of whether something is right for you. Whatever form your discernment takes, the more you practice discernment, the greater your skill of discerning will become.

While you remain true to yourself and your ideals, monitor your thoughts and feelings. This will allow you to be sure that what you are thinking and feeling is aligned with your ideals. Do not dwell on idle and random thoughts or things that you do not want. Because manifestation occurs much more rapidly in the accelerated energy that is now occurring, your thoughts will manifest much more quickly than in previous times. When a thought is charged with an intense emotion, the manifestation will be even more powerful. Therefore, it is very important to monitor your thoughts and emotions and to focus on what you desire and what is important to you.

Your thoughts and feelings have a symbiotic relationship with your frequency. Because thoughts of a loving and positive nature carry a higher frequency, when you focus on thoughts of this type, your vibration automatically rises to a higher frequency. The more intense the feelings that accompany these loving thoughts, the more rapidly your frequency will rise. It is as if you are being lifted to a higher level on a wave of Love.

Along with this rise, you may feel a lightness and an expanded Love for all of creation. The more you focus on Love and Light, the higher and brighter your own Light becomes. This allows you to experience a higher and wider view of events and dimensions, which can be accompanied by lighter and higher vibrations.

As you review what is important to you, focus your time and attention on things of the highest priority. Although you have necessary tasks that come along with experiencing a human lifetime on the earth plane, it is important that you are constantly aware of what your underlying values are. This will make the performance of everyday tasks take on a new meaning when your overall priorities are overlighting your day.

You may wish to review what is important to you to be certain that your desires are current with the expanded, higher state of being that you have attained. As you move to higher and higher levels of consciousness, your true inner desires may shift. A periodic review of what is important to you can help you make any adjustments that are needed to be congruent with your current path. In doing this, you are living in the now.

As you live in the present moment, you will be more open to receive new insights that are presented from your Higher Self and the Higher Beings of Light. This allows you to move to even more expanded vistas of understanding. Living in the now can be developed through habit and practice.

As you focus your attention on your highest priorities, make certain that you conduct yourself in accordance with your highest ideals. This means that you walk your talk. You are a living example of what you say you believe. You become transparent because you are at one with what is important to you. When you conduct yourself in accordance with your highest ideals, you can become an example of Love and Light for others. They will see your Light radiating forth from you, and this can inspire them to greater paths of their own.

When you walk your talk and conduct your life in accordance with your highest ideals, this also allows you to rise to higher and higher levels. The more that your actions are in harmony with your highest priorities and ideals, the more you are mastering that level of consciousness. It becomes who you are, and you radiate the frequency and Light of that level.

Beloved Ones, we rejoice that you are continuing your walk on the path of Light. You are very precious Lights, and you are radiating your beautiful inner essence for all to see. You are truly a Light on the path of ascension.

Know that you are greatly loved in the Light.

I AM Archangel Zadkiel
…And I surround you with Love.

All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson,
You may copy freely and share. Please copy the message in its entirety, and give credit to Archangel Zadkiel as transmitted through Linda M. Robinson/

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