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Heart Medicine

Dear Granddaughter,

We, your Grandmothers, are asking you to scribe this message and wish to continue through you, to share some both ancient and modern wisdom concerning healing today. We note that there is some controversy and confusion on the Web as we like to call it, about lower and higher vibrational entities and since your own current life incarnation has had direct experiences with the truly old, dark energies and entities we wish to reveal through you some of the hard won discernment you have gained and gleaned through these experiences at this time.

We wish to point out that there is a Lightworker with a picture here at this site known as Champion of God who shows in this picture a perfect rendering of what every human has energetically within their light bodies; the chakra system. In addition one other chakra point has opened up between the heart or green chakra and the blue or throat chakra and it is an aquamarine or teal color midpoint between the two, heart and throat. This teal chakra is where Universal love and compassion resides; the agape kind of love; kindness displayed to strangers, the poor the homeless, those whom one sees at a distance as suffering in any way whether human or creature or the Earth herself.

Sound and Light and Color are Universal languages. The visible spectrum of light is contained in the chakra system. In essence they are the colors of a rainbow and you see them on the logo of the Lightworker site. You can not bring harm to yourself or any other being by opening your own chakras for cleansing and using yourself as a conduit to direct more color waves to specific regions of the Earth or space. Using the violet flame in particular has a cleansing and disinfecting kind of effect and sending to others or beaming it out does not harm. It helps. This is a responsible use of a Lightworker’s free agency.

Where folks can run into trouble is dabbling with the darker more dense energies which are associated with Ouija boards, seances, Tarot cards and the like. Secret oaths and rituals to serve and keep secret things done in secret societies on pain of death… Dark thoughtforms and psychic phenomena are far more likely to play with the dabbler in a frightening manner through these mediums. They like to spook you through them and scare people. They are disembodied lower vibrational energies and they are stupid really, but we advise healers intent upon assisting with Ascension to steer clear of them. An ounce of prevention.

Beyond the dark entities which are disembodied are people who are attracted to them and let them in allowing for a state of possession. These folks are most definitely assisted by sending them the violet flame and so when there are postings about the dark cabal asking for assistance in sending Light, sending the violet flame is most helpful.

We wish for all who read our messages through you to listen inward to their hearts because the heart contains far more intelligence than just what folk wisdom and fairy tales would lead a person to believe, so we wish for you to share the article about this here you discovered recently…


We also would like you to post the web thread that contains The Tapping Solution Summit material as this is so helpful in clearing so many health issues…
We know you paid for this thread and we urge you to share it with your Lightworking communities now as this assists with energetic clearings in each body; physical/emotional/mental/spiritual/energetic/light…

We wish for your Lightworker communities to know how you learned about channeling through Kryon as channeled by Lee Carroll and to share the thread to the Kryon channelings here…

Finally please let your readers know that you came upon Ronna Herman and Archangel Michael in a Web search a few years ago now and that she is a reliable scribe for Michael. That you have used your own website to provide these links to others over the years and that you have also at times been fooled, very occasionally, but it has happened by false channelers at Lightworkers who gained access in order to spread fear and disinformation.

When you have been through a nightmare you are so glad to wake up, isn’t that so! Healers will not fault anyone for falling down a black hole or suffering through a nightmare, and they will help you to awaken. To gain sanity again and to carry on. Friends and loved ones may suffer jealousies and other human emotions, however a true friend will always wish and hope for your highest and best dreams to come true. We, the Grandmothers wish only for the highest and best outcomes to manifest on Earth for our beloved grandchildren and that includes freedom, fairness, abundance, clean air, water and food, and healthy loving bodies and relationships for everyone. Joy and Peace. This is our cherished vision for you all.
Bless your heart sweet grand daughter. Sweet dreams.

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