You are the embodiment of a momentum that is surging toward the completion of a timeless process. That process is the reunification of all that you are, all that you have ever been, and all that you are yet to be, in a simultaneous expression of Oneness.

— Anonymous

A message of awakening fully to the light

Dear beautiful friends of light. Many of you are very much aware right now of the continuing evolution of humanity and you are begining to work more on your own level of consciousness as to serve this planet in awakening. You are now on the cusp of letting go so much that has held you back in so many lifetimes, but there is a difference between just accepting the information on an intellectual level and becoming the embodiment of your true self. NOW is the time to fully grasp the teachings and the concepts and to turn inwards and truly connect to that deeper part of who you are. Your true source of being is connected infinately to All-That-Is and is infinately greater than any reality you have been concerned with thus far on th physical plane.

Please understand the world is going to continue to shake you to the core until you start to truly turn inwards and let go of all the thoughts, all the beliefs and all of the judgements that you have held on so tightly for so long. Right now the focus is not on what physical form you happened to manifest into this lifetime. It goes beyond what role you play, wether you are man or woman and what race you come from. It does not matter how much material wealth you have or wether you are famous or unknown; for when you truly let go of what you think you are and embrace the true essence of your being, you will see that you are here only to serve through a vehicle and as a conduit of love.

Understand that this shaking of the ‘core self’ is not done to make your life filled with more suffering, as suffering in itself is simply an identification with the mind as being who you are which holds belief in the concept of suffering. The nature of this universe is to always go within and those of you that continue to ignore the messages that have presented themselves will face them in another way and if you still are not ready, these lessons will be repeated in another lifetime, and dimension of similar frequency to that which you live in right now.

Nothing is of more importance to you right now than to evolve yourself spiritually, for it will lift you up to greater heights of awareness on all levels of your being like never before. Please let go of the daily dramas that hold you tightly in your personality self and continue to keep you trapped in what you believe is your true identity.

The time is NOW to turn inwards dear ones and see your true light. Let all illusions fall away and merge with the true essence of divine love. Earth is evolving into a planet where there will be no ego, as love transcends all else. The illusion will disolve into the nothingness from which it came. The level of humanities’ consciousness is raising everyday and we ask that you assist her further by opening your heart at this moment. Connect through love and with the deeper part of your being. This small effort on your part will be the catalist to create the heightened levels of consciousness required to assist earth into the next dimensional shift. The power lies within you as you to seed the world through the service of LOVE.

The activation has begun, and it is now up to you whether you step up to all that you are and let go of the old and move into the new way of BEING. There is much power in the choices you make and you truly hold the key to that which you create on many levels of your being.

High Council of Orion through Abigail Wainwright © Copyright

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