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Archangel Michael – 7th Inning Stretch* – Getting a Second Wind – Meredith Murphy

Channeled by Meredith Murphy http://www.expectwonderful.com

Telepathic Transmission – 24 July 2012

Blessed Beings of Light, I bring you this truth: You are NOT alone.

Tidings of love and compassion, encouragement and resonance with your ultimate intention radiate from us to you, meeting you with understanding, timeless appreciation and devotion. We too are in this pressure-cooker of time and space as focus with you, awaiting the ripening of you true being, knowing this intensification serves your ultimate purpose and therefore encouraging you, cheering you on, reminding you of what is around the bend, and why you came here.

Before you chose to incarnate from light into form as you now find yourself, you were quite decisive about doing so. None of you here came without your own free choice to be here. And many of you were rushing to get here–there would be no stopping you whatever. {Smile!} The reason we say this to you is to awaken that knowing within you that remains clear as to the amazing adventure and opportunities for evolution of soul, that precipitated your participation.

That keen knowing exists within you and remains ignited as One with All-That-Is. Tune there now, in this present moment and feel yourself in all your glory knowing the amazing long-term aspiration of full conscious reunion with All-That-Is, that this Earthly epoch, this galactic up-shift is a part of, a major milestone of, a profound realization of. Breathe in the fullness of this knowing and use it to fuel your journey!

You are at a part of this amazing year of alignments and prophecy that require a serious second-wind!

We recognize this and we as Oneness with You, embodied by you, are here to mirror that deep knowing and love to you, that is within you, that is you, that is alive and perpetuating this participation of your vastness within this sphere here and now. Open yourself to this truth within and let it ignite your heart’s with resolution and confidence!

You are vast, infinite, limitless beings of light and love made manifest in human form through the focus of your awareness and the desire of that which you feel as heart. It is this life-stream connection of the true fundamental we all are that creates you and sustains your acts of love in form from an energetic perspective. It will empower you greatly to marry this with your mental story, your concept of this situation so that you might elevate once more your view of the play here and marshall fully your resources for playing your part beautifully, authentically, believably and with great uninhibited love for the story unfolding in all it’s glory.

It is this realization of true being in form that you sought in incarnating here and that immaculate concept is alive and well, fueling your journey–fueling all our journeys. Held by far more points of focus as light than you may be able to imagine. Held and amplified. Never ending. Alive. Evolving and sustained. Expanding, intensifying and accelerating in focus into form. THIS dear ones is the point here, and the Elohim continually remind us of the importance of rhythmic return to the ideal. So with this transmission we impulse you to do this. To begin your day revisiting the immaculate concept for your own divine participation and the ultimate vision of this play in form on Earth. To see this as a key to the vast RE-Union! And yet achieved already. An inevitable outcome of your perfect creative participation and your devotion to the inner reality of Unity as Harmony, Love as Light in a Oneness as so pervasive it is impossible to even actually see it at times.

Living now, living here, you fulfill and gather energies that sustain the evolution of your own soul. You retrieve energies long ago buried on Earth, some of you, reclaiming and bolstering your journey with prior wisdoms and gleanings that make you shine even more brightly now. The mastery taking place amidst the chaos is breathtaking! Keep your eye on the ball! Don’t get distracted by the hecklers in the stands.

It is enough for you to know this true meaning and remembering of your reasons for being here, thus keeping your eye upon the immaculate concept with faith and trust. With attention to your own joy. With recognition of the practical things in your life coming into an optimized state to further fuel your expansion and your light. In the knowing that by thriving you engender that awareness of the possibility of being in all life forms and you resonate in celebration with those who are also finding their own thriving. As each of you discovers your own Utopian Dream made manifest through the joyous creation of your experience, the New Earth is lit up, bit by bit. Your thriving giving birth! Creating a perfectly hospitably vessel for the fullness of spirit.

Care for your lives, your bodies, you dreams and most of all your joy, well. Trust everyone else to do the same and move into a preoccupation with your own happiness, health and well-being. Do this please dear ones–this is the pathway home. And it is the utmost gift to us all. We thrive as you do.

Wishing you rainbows, beautiful smiles and deep eye contact, sweet sounds of music and birds, delicious fresh food and the exhilaration of stretching, breathing, creating, imagining, hearing, feeling, being in the sunshine of your own wonderful life. Wishing you to be captivated by all kinds of beauty today to remind you of the truth of these inner planes of light and love reflected in your world–look there. See that. Notice what’s emerging and sustained in the ever chaotic Earth-scape in which much is in transition! Savor all that is making a swan song and will exit soon, trusting each to know their lines, their part, and focused on you own. A very exciting time to be there, alive.

I AM resplendent in your beaming light. Thank you for the many acts of love that make up your life and your being.

I AM empowered by your beauty.

Lastly dear ones, I tell you in earnest–my expressions of awesome appreciation are real! Do you feel them dear one? If you smirk or any part of you finds them even slightly sentimental, if you respond with irritation about what you’re not yet in resonance with, feeling angry and tired, then the doorway to self-love and innocence is always available. This healing path awaits you. Climb into the comfort of joy. Let go of the skeptical garments of the last act of this grand play. Suit up for the new game which is already underway. It’s filled with amazing insights and radiant glory.

I am the one cheering VERY enthusiastically and loudly at everything.

I AM Archangel Michael

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