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Magatha from Agartha ~~ Wake-up Call !

Magatha from Agartha ~~ Wake-up Call ! ~~ 24/07/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Greetings, my friends and brethren of Earth. I Am Magatha from Agartha and I step forward today with a very important issue that I wish to discuss with you.

This issue has to do with the fact that many people on your planet Earth hold themselves aloof. Apparently, amongst the many souls dwelling on Earth, there are certain groups of people who distance themselves and remain aloof of all that is happening now and all that is about to happen on your world soon. We feel this twofold approach amongst you on the Earth plane and it saddens us somewhat. We like nothing more than to see you awaken on a massive scale.

Apart from this observation we can assure you that you are well on your way to Ascension and that awakenings are increasing. Nevertheless, we now wish to address those who are inclined to remain aloof and who do not wish to get involved, I refer to the ones who don’t actively participate and have an attitude of ‘I will see what happens’ . It is this group that we would like to encourage to get involved in the awakening process one way or the other instead of just waiting it out to see what will happen. Regretfully to those we have to say : it doesn’t work that way. My beloved friends, I know what I am talking about. I urge you to participate! Make the changes! Create the New World and start from within yourselves!

Do you have no idea how you can contribute your little piece of the puzzle? Than we can advise you to change yourself first and foremost into a more lovable person who loves him/herself without restraint and who wishes to evolve into that being he/she really is : his/her own True Self. If everyone on Earth would follow that advice, the world would have already changed half for the better. The time of waiting and believing is over NOW and is giving way to the time of doing, of taking action! It is time to act NOW and to deliver your contribution for which you came to this Earth in the first place. NOW is the time to manifest it all. No longer thinking nor doubting, but actively participating!

The process in its entirety has again been accelerated and has moved up a gear, implying that the days will become much shorter and the thoughts you have will manifest even quicker. Presently we entered now the most active phase before the Ascension process. You are approaching Ascension at such high speed that your commitment to this process is of the UTMOST importance! Share what you can share to assist other souls … Get on with complete devotion to your soul tasks and have faith in yourself. This message is a call to all Lightworkers to continue on vigorously with what you already are contributing and move up a gear. It will all soon become crystal clear how you can best contribute.

I want to emphasize the importance of this in order to assist fully with the coming change-over. We, the Agarthans, know all too well what this all entails and we remember our Ascension process quite vividly. We love to see you succeed with flying colors and we have promised to assist and to guide you. And this will be our first help in this matter : that is to shake you at your core and to motivate you to continue, in a higher gear. Just as the energetic changes will amplify quickly so too must you now continue unabatedly in the highest gear possible. The time is shortening and much is about to come to pass. Expect fireworks ; it will be a sign for you that these changes and the energies involved are doing their job so to speak.

My beloved brethren of Earth, we truly love you and we do not want to scare you in any way! We just want to give you a wake-up call and tell you that the time of manifestations has now started. So take a big fresh breath of air and go for it! We are your brethren and we remain at your service, especially now.

I Am Magatha of Agartha and I thank you for this opportunity to come forward with this message.

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