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— Thomas Edison



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

19 July 2012

Gracious day from this White Robe!

Ra, messenger of the Brotherhood of Light, forthcoming Guardian, will share updates concerning the arrest of Evil Masters and demoniacs by the warrior angels.

I already begun heraldries about the subject, when I released a chronicle in 2010 yet, to wit: DARK MASTERS’ ARREST HAS BEGUN, in BRIGHTWORLD:

The arrest of the Evil Ones—Evil Masters niched in the astral/etheric lower belts, Luciferan Adepts (Eastern and Western), Demoniacs (negative persons)—was prophesied in 1973 yet by JJ Hurtak, Adept and messenger, in his book Keys of Enoch. So as early as 2008, when the biggest bulk of us White Robes spiritually ascended, we were already expecting the arrests to happen anytime.

It was in the last quarter of 2010 when the first wave of arrests took place. I remember that I was still doing some work engagements then in Los Baňos, a bustling university town at the foot of Mt Makiling which is near the Mt Banahaw (planet’s solar plexus chakra). While meditating one night in my flat, the vision of the arrests came. This was then followed by more visions, up until April of this year.

Incidentally, from 2011 to the present, my training in combatives Above was done with permission to use the Cosmic Sword. In not too few occasions did I use such a weaponry to smote Demonic Ones in the astral plane, which went to the extent of destroying some hubs of them Fallen Beings. Angels, by SOP, immediately captured the souls of those ones and brought elsewhere in the Kama Loka (hell worlds).

The warrior angels that did the arrests of Evil Masters and captured souls of Demoniacs (living persons on the surface) are gigantic in stature, from around 12-18 feet by our standard height. It was largely the Whitefire class of angels that took the cudgels for the arrest and seizure, so powerful ones that some of them are actually of the same level as spiritual masters.

When the arrests began, there were almost a million Evil Masters scattered from the negative subplane of Astral Plane (Kama Loka) through the lowest subplane of the Mental Plane. The likes of Ahriman (Satan) are niched in the Mental Plane and will be captured the last. Today, the number of Evil Masters is down by over 80% of their original size, and the arrests won’t stop until the last of the Evil Ones will be seized and brought to jail as an implementation of Cosmic Justice.

As to the Demoniacs, that’s a whopping 30% of our total population down here. That translates to 2.1 Billions by the end of this year. So imagine the difficulty of arresting and capturing their respective souls. Once captured soul-wise, the Demoniac on the ground will simply be a walking shell, as the life of around 300 millions of them is descriptively so. Anybody who will slay a soul-less Demoniac won’t incur karmic debts at all as those are merely, again, walking shells.

Out of the 30% Demoniacs, 20% are actually moderately demonic, meaning they dangle between Light and Darkness. 10% are those hopeless ones, who have persistently did a misqualified use of Light. The moderate 20%, however, are fragmented psychically, or are dysfunctional, polarized types.

The polarized ones will simply be dropping dead as a matter of system failure comes early morning of December 21 through midnight of December 23, when the poles of the planet will be off due to the impact of the Null Zone. When the inundating waters will come by the 24th, those moderate Demoniacs still living may be swept off, as they’d simply be drifting in the streets and open spaces without direction (unaware of what’s going on).

The Luciferans number not too many and so their arrest will come very handy. It is the puppets of the Fallen Masters who number by the millions, these latter ones will be among the Demoniacs during the last days of the arrest & seizure.

Some Luciferans are now being jailed by legally instituted authority, while others will be arrested by the unwieldy Spartacist insurgents in the months ahead. All of them should be turned over to Gabriel’s warrior angels for proper disposition of cases and imprisonment.

To re-echo the report, this time is the last phase of the arrest & seizure of the Evil Ones. We’ve passed through the (a) entry phase and (b) intermediate phase already, so the development should be a cause for celebration by every Light-filled Terran.

[Note: I again saw visions of the continuing arrests last night, while meditating prior to my physical sleep. The angels are working triple time now… Ra, 22 July 2012]


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