And miracle of miracles, I swear to you this is true:
The most glorious angel you ever meet may turn out to be YOU.

— Rachel Snyder



Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

21 July 2012

Magandang gabi! Good evening!

It is night time as I write this note. The monsoon rains have been showering the tropics almost relentlessly like some foreboding of the coming turbulent weather post-Ascension point.

Let me focus this article on the raging Spartacist insurgencies across the world, a movement that will sooner or later converge during the “end of times” (last months of Old Earth).

I already wrote about the forthcoming Spartacist movements, which I published in my social blogs, as early as 2010 yet (see 2010 articles of IKONOKLAST: At that time, the grave threat of a Europe turning tyrannical was around, with Bonapartism spinning off as a state ideology of a unified totalitarian Europe.

So I was anticipating Spartacism to arise anywhere in Europe or even in the USA as an upsurge of protests against the evil impacts of excessive globalization policies, massive looting of the financial markets via financial derivatives, stagnation, and mass lay-offs resulting from the recessions.

I was surprised, if not stunned, by the Spring Revolution in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa), which I hardly anticipated as surging too early. But I did also forecast the Spartacist upsurge there prior to the Spring Revolution, as younger generations would be so fed up with the shackling effects of enduring dictatorships and Islamic terror. I never thought though that it would happen so soon.

The problem with the Spring Revolution is that the global elites are at it again in manipulating the core organizers. With hardly any options left than to accept the guns and monies from the global elites, the organizers indeed fell into a new trap. But the Spartacism there will surge up anew, and the more authentic ones will be unwieldy to manipulations of a dying global oligarchy.

Just like in the MENA, the Spartacist outbursts across the globe will expectedly move to the more violent expressions of mass anger. Vigilantes and private posse groups are already in place, armed groups that are silently working to arrest and execute as many members of the ruling class in their respective backyards.

Please note that the Light Forces have nothing to do with these sporadic as well as organized outbursts of anger versus the global elites. The organizers and pedagogues of the said groups are polarized individuals who may in fact end up being captured later by Gabriel’s Forces and the Seraphic Forces as part of the stabilization plan for the New Earth.

We can at best sympathize with those polarized ones who are truly fed up with deceit, manipulations, thought control by a veritably abominable class of elites. But those who are in the Light can’t find sufficient reasons to identify with the Spartacists, and ought not engage in the insurgencies for their own sake.

There may, however, be sensitive, service-for-others among the Spartacists, who may still possess some rationality and prudence in their conduct of attrition versus the global and local elites. They may indeed seize and arrest the criminal Evils, but hopefully they would do so with the intention of surrendering the criminals to the warrior angels of Gabriel, or the Seraphs who are coming down here post-December 21, or the Ashtar Command contingents deputized to aide Gabriel in the arrests & seizures.

The global elites, also called the Military-Industrial Complex, or financial oligarchy, are now a spent force on Terra. I have lost enthusiasm in discoursing about them in fact, after studying and writing about them for decades (being a sociologist & economist). They have become part of a past that is rapidly fading away, a past that will soon be history and archaeology more than solid fact of immanent presence.
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