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Live in the Meditative Awareness


Hello Son,

Live in the Meditative Awareness

Dear ones your life will be complete when you live in the meditative awareness. When you conduct your life and practice what you preach. This also includes keeping your faith alive and being positive, your intuitive skills will increase ten fold.

This is more simple than you think, as many who have started walking the path are conducting themselves in this way; whilst some are making a greater effort to do the same.

There is one thing that we do not do, that we ignore our higherself. We actually do not trust it to a great extent. We remind you that this is your main source of inspiration and education, without this precious link we would certainly be lost.

Being aware and awake in our life is to be in control of our senses; looking for signs of inspiration. This could be from our daily work routine or even in the house. When we look around there is inspiration coming from the things that our eyes set upon.

It is time we all become consciously aware of things and look at them in gratitude and awe. We have neglected parts of our life to marvel the things in creation. They have given us a beautiful sight for our eyes reminding us that beauty is everywhere and not just the beholder.

See the world in gratitude and trust in yourself.

Your mother; time needs to be well spent in your further progress on your path.
Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
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