There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

— Albert Einstein

What to do About Contractions

Can you make yourself ready to ascend? Yes, and it doesn’t need to take another lifetime. All it requires is the decision that nothing you have lived through is negative. It may appear negative, and made you decide against another drama like it, but what was experienced gave you an opportunity to become more aware and more compassionate. All experiences do this, not by the experience alone, but as a method of causing you to go within to discover who you really are.

Are you the drama’s cause or at its effect? Owning both makes your negativity disappear. You agreed to all of those negative details to grow by. Instead of draining the light of your most cherished memories, you can make those memories a current source of more light. Instead of reminiscing with negative, anxiety filled thoughts, instead, meditate and care about those needing your caring. Instead of collecting collaborative data against most of the lesson givers in your life, you can decide to free them from your negative cording and give them no more attention. Can you do this? This will clear contractions. Resolving all draining anger and creating new attitudes about conditions that are no longer on the current day’s event schedule can and will make you more conscious and more desirable to be around. Can you ascend? Not quite.

When you have changed your negativity into not caring about the “others” who clouded your heart and mind, the next step is to delete those clouds also. Negativity against anything or anyone contains clouds that dim your light. Solve this and ascension can gain another member. Make this your active desire, not getting even or destroying the life of the one you cannot forgive.

Forgiveness assumes there is a creator of the circumstances that arranged the details to give you a most important growth opportunity. Can you accept this as more important than what was done to you? I’m including all those unloving acts of destruction that caused mental and physical trauma. What appears negative here caused the victim to create an attitude and anger to be transcended for a level of growth that would not otherwise be possible. Forgiveness and contractions are not mutually exclusive—you need both to get to an open heart. When you contract your heart closes and none of your dreams are about caring—only destruction. When you forgive, the heart opens and the most beautiful growth occurs.

What is your most heartbreaking memory? This is where you are most contracted and it contains many of the details being brought up again and again by your mind. Give away the charge of that memory and give away the contraction. Neutralize all the reactivity in your mind’s dialog mechanism and become free of loneliness, distrust and derogatory mind choices. No more destructive attitudes and you cancel all causes that negate ascension. When you assume these will automatically disappear, this is not a correct assumption. These attitudes will continue to drain your light and keep you from ascending, unless you shift your point of view.

Being a good, caring person is not enough. You will remain in a contracted condition if you are negative about anyone who could assist but doesn’t, or anyone that acts differently than you want them to, or anyone who comes by occasionally but does nothing to contribute. All of these negative thoughts cause you to contract. Put aside your contractions with caring about what has contributed to your awareness. All who did major cancellations to your light were loving beings fulfilling the life design you agreed to. They are not as they appeared in your drama. They are your next doorway to awakened awareness—when you can give forth love to them. Be the gift to them that they were to you when they delivered their tough love.

When you can delete your “against thoughts,” ascension is no big deal. It is the natural next step; be truly alive in this life, then ascend. It is your chosen destiny.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Archangel Raphael says . . .

When all mental creation thoughts have been deleted, disturbance thoughts no longer come and go, and happiness welcomes whatever appears, you are awake and able to ascend. Do these qualities characterize the mandate you give for ascension?

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