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AA Uriel – Changing your Life – Back to Basics

For all who are having a difficult time at this juncture. Take notice of your life – what do you like/dislike – If necessary; break it down into more manageable segments. Some suggestions are: self, health and wellness, family, friends, relationship, work/school, outside interests/hobbies, spiritual life, finances, living situation, etc. etc. Bear in mind these are suggestions only and you may have additions/deletions to this list. We would suggest that you pick seven and focus on them. Choose one each day – make a list – and then choose the method that most suits you – for some it will be writing, for others, more artistic, perhaps a drawing or pictures. For some merely sitting and contemplating will be the way that works best. Take the first topic, say, self (or self-worth) and focus on the qualities/attributes that you like about yourself. If you cannot think of anything – MAKE IT UP!!! If there are what you would call negative qualities, rephrase them into a positive light. For example – if you are stubborn – instead say/write – I will begin to consider other ways/opinions. Do you see? What you need to do is to phrase what you wish to occur, NOT state the negative for this will only bring more of it to you. Do this every day – one topic per day. Then repeat it and keep repeating it and after a time you will begin to see a change. You will begin to see some of these things appearing in your life. Focus on what you want and do not worry about how you will get there. Also be aware of signs and things happening in your life for this is how the universe makes things happen. Be aware and Believe and you will see great changes with clarity of what you desire and commitment.

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