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— Malcolm S. Forbes

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/22/12 ‘The Sea Wall Project’

There are mounting issues in your world that need to be resolved before your people may enter the higher realms of this universe through your ascension, which we see as transpiring smoothly and according to the universe’s pre-conceived schedule. We would like to begin with these many different projects with you in the very near days ahead, as we feel these issues are pressing and must be attended to soon. Some of these projects we have discussed with you, but never at great length, and today we would like to take a further look into just what we are talking about in regards to these undertakings.

We would like to work with you to resolve the issue of your shorelines in some areas that are faulty and do not offer adequate protection in the event that sea levels may rise even just a few inches, or in some cases, a few feet. This will not do, as the proper protection for communities and cities alike are seawalls that can withstand many feet of sea surge, as all planets experience their share of tremors and the shifting of tectonic plates from time to time. The events that we foresee in your very near future, just months away, are events that are not particularly above and beyond the norm of what many planets experience quite regularly. You have been quite fortunate in your recent history as you have not experienced a great seismic event by any means, as your tectonic plates have shifted, but have only shifted a few inches or a few feet in their most extreme movements.

What we foresee in the months ahead is comparatively much more severe shifting which will move your tectonic plates above each other much further than they have been moved in your recent history. We see them shifting 10, 15, or even 20 or more feet, which would cause tremors in the range of 8 to 10 on your Richter scale, all the way up to levels close to and beyond 15 or 16 on this scale. Do you realize how severe these earthquakes are compared to the earthquakes that you have become accustomed to, earthquakes that seldom exceed eight or nine on your Richter scale? We are talking massive shaking of your inner Earth, but we do not wish for you to be alarmed or to fly into panic mode, for this is one of the reasons we are here. We are here to assist you better transition through this.

Through the means of our experience, expertise, wisdom and our highly advanced technology, we can assist you to withstand the forces of these earth shakings and allow you to withstand even far greater measures of seismic activity. What we would like to do is first build a team of volunteers of your world who wish to assist us in this very important project, then we would like to further assess your shorelines, although this would be a summation of the work we have been doing without your assistance for quite some time. We would like to get a final appraisal of what it is we feel needs to be done. We would then like to begin building seawalls high and strong, deep and wide in certain areas around your world where we feel there will be sea surges due to these Earth tremors that we see as inevitable, although always keep in mind that timelines are very fluid and predictions and prophecies change quite often, even throughout the period of just one day.

We do not wish for you to let your guard down in any way and believe that by us sharing this information about timelines with you that you will get a ‘free pass’, as it were, and navigate your way through the timelines and around this possible problem for you which could be very serious in certain areas. We wish for you instead to tackle this problem head-on by not fearing it, by not running away from it, by not denying it, but by accepting it as a very real possibility and taking very real measures to circumvent this problem, to stop it head on by finding soluble and practical solutions.

So what are some of the solutions? We feel that it is best to proceed by removing, through temporary relocations, certain populations around your world who currently reside in areas that we feel are just a little too precarious when it comes to rising sea levels. Some of these areas have experienced damages due to rising sea levels on many occasions throughout your history, and it should come as no surprise to these residents that a few more inches or feet of rising water would present a challenge beyond their means to deal with it. One of these areas is the Lowlands of Northern Europe, which many of you who have studied geography in school understand was built on land that is actually under the current sea level of the surrounding waters. It would not take any rising sea levels to devastate these lands if it were not for a very elaborate dike system that has been built in this area. This dike system has been very successful in keeping the water out of this area and even pumping water out that was in this area making it suitable for habitation. The problem now is these dikes will not withstand rising sea levels that we foresee in this area, and we would like to relocate these populations on a temporary basis until we feel this seismic activity that you may expect subsides and passes.

We have taken note that this information that we are sharing with you is quite challenging for some. We see many denying this, we see many questioning our channel and questioning our motivations for sharing this information with you. This for a time puzzled us, as we feel we have built a certain level of trust with you and we do not feel that it should be so beyond the levels of your belief system to expect some rising sea levels due to seismic activity which many of you that read the newspaper or watch the news see has been building at a very perceivable rate for the last few years. One can research the levels of seismic activity in your world online in just a few minutes, and you will find that seismic activity has grown in scope, frequency and severity steadily and at a very perceptible rate over the last several years all across your planet.

Some of this seismic activity has already caused rising sea levels that have severely damaged the inland areas nearby the focal point of these tremors. One of these areas is located in Japan and the other in the area of South Asia, which is another area of concern for us and we feel should be a concern for you. This area in South Asia has already suffered great damage and loss of life in your recent history, and for you to feel that our messages about another incident that may occur is fear mongering or attempts to control you in any way and make you do something you do not wish to do through fear and intimidation we feel is beyond reason and is very illogical and as an aside, quite unfair, as we feel we have not earned this distinction of being untrustworthy. We respect and understand the views of each and every individual and each collective, and each decision that you make we shall honor. We only say to you at this time that our motivations are not to come here to fight you, we have come here to assist you, and when we say we feel our assistance would be very much needed shoring up your shorelines in certain areas of your world, we would expect you to at the very least honor our integrity and understand that we do have technologies that do allow us a peek, if you will, into future timelines and we have utilized this technology quite often in this one particular area, as well as many other areas concerning your planet.

In utilizing this technology, we have foreseen that there are many different scenarios of the days ahead for you, and just the same, many of these scenarios involve rising sea levels throughout certain parts of your world. We do see possible timelines for you where your people will come out unscathed, so to speak, through the days ahead, but these timelines are but a fraction of the timelines that see difficulties through these rising sea levels. Do you understand this? Do you understand the laws of chance and probability here, and why we say to you it is best that we begin work with you to repair, rebuild and even begin to build sturdy seawalls in certain areas around your planet? We do not feel that what we are discussing here is conspiracy theory or beyond the limits of your belief system, as this is one area that many of your world should at least be familiar with as there have been earthquakes and rising sea levels around your planet regularly throughout even your recent history, and the astute eye will notice that these seismic events are increasing at a steady pace as you near the finale of your experience through duality and the lower dimensions.

We hope we have made ourselves clear today, and we will be reviewing the comments underneath this message throughout your online communities to gauge your responses to our discussion once again about these possibilities of rising sea levels. Again, we honor and respect your views at all times, and please do not allow our feelings to persuade your feelings in any way. Please comment openly and comment honestly and let us know how you feel about our predictions that certain areas of your world may experience rising sea levels and about our offers to assist you build sound seawalls throughout certain sections of your planet. That is all for today. Thank you so much dear ones for your time, and may we say it has been, as it always is, a pleasure to speak with you.

We are your friends, we are your allies, your teammates and your loved ones of the higher realms of existence. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles English

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