Imagine for a moment your own version of a perfect future. See yourself in that future which everything you could wish for at this very moment fulfulled.

Now take the memory of that future and bring it here into the present. Let it influence how you will behave from this moment on.

— Deepak Chopra

Our Lady – Trust


Trust, the most important thing you can give or you can take.  When you think about it, as a new born babe you come into the world and you are full of trust, you have to be for you are certainly in no state to be able to fend for yourselves.  So the first thing you learn is to trust. 
Trust those hands that come down to pick you up and organise for you to feed, make the changes as they are required, to help you to grow as you become larger and stronger and slowly you walk and become a child.
But even then that trust is still in it’s most purest of forms, for you trust that the beings that are around you and care for you will do exactly that and at that time as a child you hope that it will continue on forever, but of course it won’t for other things have to take place.
But trust is the first thing you learn to give and unfortunately for some, the first thing they learn to lose.  How can a parent abandon the trust that a new born babe has given them? How can they deny that little one at least some time of holding on to that and yet of course this happens, and it is very unfortunate?  It is more than very unfortunate, it is most unfortunate. 
The first thing that is given, if it is taken away too early it can have dramatic effects upon the child itself.   As with all things, trust changes as you move, as you grow.  It most certainly becomes less black and white than it was and yet it is so special, very, very important and truly required throughout every physical life. 
Even the simple things, you trust that as the sun goes down it will come up the next morning.  You trust that there will be the air to breathe the next time your lungs move in and out.  You trust there will be food and shelter available.  And so basically you go through life trusting and you also trust that there will be an end to that particular life and there always is. 
In between there are many forms of trust.  You learn that you have to earn trust especially as you grow older and the wondrousness of being a child deserts you. You learn you have to earn trust from your friends, quite often from your families and it is still something that should be held close to your heart for it is that important to maintain it,  that trust in yourself and hopefully in others around you. 
For if you do have trust it shines forth like a brilliant light for others to see, like the light stuck out, way out beyond the coast on the rocks shining through the darkness creating safety and trust.  For those in need, Trust needs to be with you all your life.  You need to trust the ‘inner being’ to help you and to guide you through all the situations and circumstances that you will faceduring your given time upon the Earth. 
All of these are vitally important, but another that is just as important, is the trust about who you truly are, your source and where you’re going.  And here unfortunately so many fall down, but in doing so they are denying themselves, not others.  They are denying themselves the most precious important parts of themselves.  It is this trust that we hope and truly wish for you to contact once more.  To take back within yourselves to become part of you, to enable you to become complete once more, to function fully and completely, for when you do that light will shine forth so strongly, it truly will be like a beacon in the darkness and others will be attracted and they will trust you. 
They will trust you to guide them, to tell them the truth, to help them, to mentor them.  Do not break that for as we have said trust is the most important gift of all.

Roger Nichols

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