Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.

— Chinese Proverb

Conversations with the Godself

Hello Son,

Conversations with the Godself

The world will always confuse many of you unless we keep a safe distance apart. This space is when we shut away the noises of the world and sit down to contemplate or meditate.

This momentary separation is necessary for the mind to focus back to the higherself or Godself; away from the biased opinions of the ignorant who only use conjecture in their daily lives to get by.

Every belief system has written about this separation away from the world, they call it prayer. By doing this simple act we connect immediately to the soul and then the Divine Soul we call the God consciousness. Whether we receive a reply or not the message is sent and the universe analyses our request.

A person who is able to shut out the chattering from the world, and keep his focus, without polluting his mind; has his higher consciousness guiding him. This person will see the world but take a partial role in all affairs. He would be neutral minded and not being overawed by anything. This balance is the balance that needs to be achieved to knock on the door of our higherself.

Then the communication with his Godself which has no interest or bias of the competition of the world, will answer any question you give. It is there to serve you and to the path of the enlightened.

This is necessary if we are to have high aspiration of ourselves, not settling for less.

My beloved light souls demand the best and ask to be tuned to this frequency so that you can to be guided by your innerself. This is your right and it is what God wants us all to achieve in our life time.

Let us make quality time to practice this regularly and let the world be the back stage; as you venture forward in your quest.

Your mother; inviting all to listen and take heed of the words of the inner self.
Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
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