He who says he can and he who says he cant are both usually right.

— Confucius

A new Insight and Idea

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Hello Son,

A new Insight and Idea

Learning is accepting and surrendering your own opinions and definitions to adopt a new one.

To surrender is to acknowledge that some force knows more than you.

Making way is to accept compassion into your heart that will invite others to share the same ideals as you do.

Love in the heart, that destroys the chattering doubt which exists to waken the energy that cares.

Never is only a word that delays the outcome, but should be replaced by, if God Wills then let it be.

To say I am the master, is to close your ears and eyes to others because you are better than them.

To be frightened is only to admit that you do not know the outcome of something; for you are only human.

The spirit is the word, the soul is the messenger and the mind is the translator.

Living is putting your ideas into action and completing a cycle that the Lord has ordained for all of mankind.

The collective conscious is to show that ideas and actions are being fulfilled.

Blindness to the truth is to say that you are not looking in the right place.

The path is your path and not someone else’s, so do not knock them off.

The Light illuminates, the dark increases the doubt and uncertainty; which do you prefer.

Insight increases the capacity to think clearly and deeply.

To know something before you are told shows that contact is being made with your soul.

You live because you care and you value experience.
Your mind is a sanctuary for those to explore the higher dimensions of thinking entering the deep psyche.

Wandering and being lost, is to except that another force is guiding you and that you are not listening.

A tree will always be a tree, a heart will always be a heart, and a stone will always be a stone. You are not here to change things but to accept surrender to the power of the almighty Father we call God.

To smile is to say that you have listened from the heart and not the mind.

Your mother; sharing wisdom, to ignite the passion of thought into your minds.
Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
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