Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.

— Chinese Proverb

Lyran Message For Earth

Posted on July 15, 2012 by Helen Demetriou

As the creators of Esophoria, we are determined to bring the truth to light and deliver this truth to the world. By revealing the truth so we reveal the mysteries which have been hidden from the naked eyes of humanity. We truly believe that only by teaching humans ascension tools and revealing the mysteries can they be well equipped to not only gain spiritual enlightenment, but also to dissolve the matrix of our present Earth reality and see through this matrix with the eyes of a true initiate. We aim to disrupt the frequencies of the dark brotherhood and to do this we need the teachings of light beings who are working towards the divine plan alongside us. We focus our attention right now on our brothers and sisters in Greece who have become victims of the dark brotherhood agenda
As you know, we already have a good relationship and open communication lines with the Anunnaki, the Pleiadians, the Siriuns, the Menerians and the Andromedans, as well as the Brarn, Ascended Masters and the Archangels. We recently asked our higher selves to scan the frequencies to connect with a race of beings who could give us enlightenment regarding the Greeks (and of course, all of humanity) and who were also trying to connect with us.

Our call was answered by the Lyrans who have desperately been trying to open communication lines with us and share with us a very important and liberating message.

We were approached by ‘Nemsos’, who had been chosen as a representative of the Lyrans to speak with us. Here is the message he gave to us on their behalf:

“Welcome to our energy. We are very happy to merge our vibrations with yours as we have a very important message that we know will help you and others on their path to enlightenment.

We first would like to explain to you what kind of culture we have and what kind of beings we are. As you can see, we are humanoid, and as you can see, you would not be able to tell us apart from human beings. There is a good reason for this, which I will come to soon.

We are a peace loving nation who offers the highest caliber of education in the mysteries. Many of our scholars taught your well known great philosophers, mathematicians, astronomers, inventors, engineers, physicians and healers, historians, musicians and playwrights. You could say that we are even greater than the Library of Alexandria, so much knowledge we have stored here that we teach. All the records of the universe are stored here and many races come to extend their knowledge and wisdom. We are like a very large educational organization and we enjoy teaching anyone who seeks to learn. We are the university, the learning center of the universe.

We can reveal that Pythagoras and Archimedes were students of ours and learned a lot of our ways which they taught to humanity. Pythagoras came to Lyra many times to excel in his studies and it is here that he was taught the Gematria. Many of the Anunnaki came to learn with us also, and many Lyrans went to Earth to teach in the mystery schools of Babylon, Egypt, Persia and Greece.

Something else you must know is that even though we are for peace and higher education, we do have our army and we have battled and continue to battle with the reptilians. We are allies of the Anunnaki and many of the races who hold positions at the Universal Council of Light. We fought alongside the Anunnaki and other freedom races during the reptilian invasion of Earth but most of our battles were off planet and in flight.

We work within the Apollon and Hermetic frequencies and we aid the other races in helping avatars incarnate on Earth which, as you know, can be a very difficult process. We work closely with the Pleiadians, the Siriuns and the Andromedans, especially in our battle in freeing humanity and Earth.

We are currently working with the frequencies which have invaded the minds of Greece as the dark brotherhood is rampant there and manipulating the lives of the Greeks. And this is where we reveal to you something more. We are the ancestors of the Greeks. It is us, the Lyrans, who taught the Greeks their language and alphabet as it is a language which is also native to Lyra. We also have Greek sounding names as you can tell by mine.

The Greeks talk about descending from the gods and in a sense they did. Not only are they Anunnaki (known also as the Olympians) hybrids but also Lyran hybrids. The Lyran humans mated with the Anunnaki humans and thus you have the start of the Greek race.

We want our relatives the Hellenes to know that we are supporting them and we are breaking the frequencies which have enslaved them. Greeks are warriors and their ancient Kings and Generals were taught by Lyrans, for we too are warriors as well as spiritual educators.

We do work through many beings and organizations on Earth, one of them being the real Galactic Federation of Light. We want to say that there are many who are fighting to dissolve the false matrix, those who are working for the divine plan. Of course, we work with you as you are representatives of the Anunnaki on Earth and we consider you our cousins. We made a pact with the Anunnaki long ago and formed a brotherhood with them, along with the other humanoid races and any race who promised to defend Earth and all Earthlings.

The time is coming near when the enslavers of humanity, who self appointed themselves as false idols and gods, will understand the true meaning of justice. They will understand our code which breaks the frequencies of their manipulation and this code is FREEDOM for all beings on all planets that have been caged within a false matrix of fear and control which does not contain love.

Tell the Hellenes we are with them. Tell the Hellenes their time for freedom is soon. Just hold on. Be patient. Their time to rise above their persecutors is coming and they shall have their chance to stand once again as they truly are, as gods, and the whole world will recognize them. And believe me, all humans will rise to their true godly nature and stand and say “NO MORE!”

We are already activating Ichor. Get ready in the coming days to download this information and teach it. Ichor comes from the essence of the force and Ichor does not run through the veins of the perpetrators behind the dark energies that they have unleashed onto humanity. They know their time is running out so all of you must hold on and stay strong. Do not lose your spirit for it is spirit that will keep you resilient and strong.

Why are we called Lyra? Because we are able to play with the chords of harmony and to keep harmony in balance on many planets. The Lyre is our symbol, given to us by Hermes who is also known as Thoth. The same lyre was also given to Apollo for he too is a projector of the frequencies. The lyre was introduced to humanity as a tool to connect with the gods for each chord is a frequency which can be heard by all races who are allies with Earth. On Lyra, we are able to connect with each other through telepathy and we have our ‘lyre’ machines which help us to connect with humans and gods alike. We will teach you more on this at another time.

We thank you. It has been an honour communicating with you as we respect the Anunnaki greatly. Even as human representatives of the Anunnaki you have their heart and passion. We will contact you soon.”

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