Past and Future are in the mind only – I am now.

— Sri Maharaj


17/07/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Lovely Ones,

We welcome you in the present energetic patterns of changes and of Love. Although you cannot see the energies of Love and it is not quite clear to you whether they are arriving on your world, you can definitely sense them deep in your cells and in your DNA. The “maturation process” involved needs time to bloom and this applies to you too. Your crystalline body has been adjusted and been given an enormous amount of light codes and love energies. This “maturation process” is now fully operational, something that you can feel but that you cannot see yet. Once this “maturation process’ regarding the changes in your body is fully completed, everything around you will soon follow. As you already know; everything starts from within yourself! Once this process is concluded, all else as well as your environment will follow. You create it all from within yourself.

The crystalline body is located in your physical body and its size begins to expand now. Thanks to the light codes and love energies, your crystalline body gets nourished in order to get completed. This body is made of pure light cells and it contains more energetic connections than you already possess in your physical body. Once your crystalline body has grown full size it will surpass your physical body and will extend outside your visible physical body. Therefore it may well be that you will become very much affected by these changes, as your physical envelope must undergo huge changes in order for your crystalline body to arrive at its fullest expression. Physical discomforts such as heart palpitations, headaches and dizziness coupled with a feeling of extreme tiredness will be some of the inconveniences you could experience.

There’s a strong pressure on your physical body in these times. Not just because of the expansion of your crystalline body but also because of the continuous struggle in this dimension of duality where higher Light energies come in and require constant adjustments and that constant readjusting to the lower vibrations of this 3rd Density becomes really straining. It gives a feeling of constant travel, back and forth, and each time on your way back it becomes heavier to handle it all and to adjust to it all. Every time you undergo a transformation and travel in consciousness, you take one step higher and closer to your true full consciousness … Luckily you are presently more adapted to these transformations and energies of the light to such a degree that the difficulties you encountered in the beginning of this year in adapting to the higher vibrations, now have become quite easy for you. However, always having to return to this limited body and to this world of low vibrations, has now become so hard for you that it feels as if you are squeezed in a small box. It feels very uncomfortable and it requires more and more time to return and to handle it all.

All in all this means but one thing, my lovely ones, and that is that you are well on your way to leaving this world of duality! This is a very strong signal that you are no longer creating these patterns and kicked the habit. Behind those afore-mentioned uncomfortable experiences lies the fact that your subconsciousness has reached a degree of awareness where everything becomes again crystal clear for you. The things you have always known subconsciously (but never consciously) now quickly surface to materialize themselves. As it all blooms from within yourself you will be the first from whom the changes will emerge quite obviously before the outside world picks up. You are well on your way and have reached a certain degree of consciousness over the course of these last months, the extent of which has become almost inconceivable. Thanks to your perseverance and your Love for each other and for us you have done it. We only took advantage of those virtues to assist you in this process and up until now with great success we might add!

We, the Dolphin Collective greet you most heartily, lovely ones … We love you so much; you are considered our family on Earth and beyond. At present there’s a great process of purification that is taking place in our oceans, and we contribute a lot to its concretisation along with our nephews, the whales. There is already much improvement in these purifications of the once so beautiful world in the oceans, nevertheless, there are places that have been so much polluted that it will take time to restore them again to their pristine state. Generally speaking, at present, as good as all of the oceans have now reached a certain degree of purity. It will all glisten again from the depths of the ocean floors. All colours will again shine brightly and our fellow ocean inhabitants all feel the vibrations in the oceans quickly change to purity and to divinity.

We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you for sharing this message. We love you!

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