LOVING You is a delightful gift to my heart that I cherish and honor with deep gratitude.

Luck and Grace – Divine Mother Mary Transmission Nov 30th, 2000 through Li Lan Chan; re-sent by request from “Upstairs”

Luck and Grace – Divine Mother Mary Transmission Nov 30th, 2000 through Li Lan Chan
Re-sent by request from “Upstairs”

Good evening dear ones,

We are much pleased to see you have all gathered here after the holidays.  I am that being you call Mother Mary.  I wish you to feel my energies.  Breathe me in through your heart.  Feel your heart expand, filling all your cells with the energy & frequency of the Divine Mother — replenishing you.  I know that these times have been exhausting for you all, for the energies have been shifting quite rapidly, and the bodies have been having a hard time catching up.  Feel my presence surrounding you as I enfold each of you in my mantle.

We the Divine Mothers wish for you to know, that our presence is growing stronger on this planet, with every day the energies are becoming finer, purer, and lighter — even though your bodies may not feel this at this time.  We are constantly bathing you with our love and our energies to bring you healing:  the balsam to your souls that is so much needed at this time.  Do you not feel the quickening in your hearts when you feel our energies?  We would quicken you even more, but your bodies would not (be able to) handle it, so we do all we can and we are supporting you as a mother does her child.

We would speak tonight on Luck, and yes, we are picking up on the theme that Li Lan and Hank were discussing earlier.  For it does seem to us important for everyone to know that Luck like Power, is a tangible force.  That it is something that is an innate quality of your being whether you have called it to you, whether you have acknowledged it, whether you have claimed it or not.  And yes, Luck has much to do with allowance; whether you allow Luck into your life, whether you feel worthy of Love and Luck in your life.  For Luck is that energetic part of yourself that is an expression, a physical expression of Grace in your life.

When you think of Grace, you think of Divine Dispensation that flows from above to you — the unworthy one, though that is not true.  Grace:  When Grace is poured upon you, when you receive that Dispensation of Grace, when you accept that Grace into your life, it manifests itself as Luck and Synchronicity.

And Grace as with Luck, can be given and it can be accepted.

Those who do not accept Grace into their life generally also say that they have no Luck.  But it is mostly because they have not accepted Grace into their life.  Then the manifestation of Grace as Luck into their life is then blocked.  I want you to ask now:  Call upon Grace to fill you — that you be filled with Grace — and I ask you to feel the energy of Grace as it enters your bodies.  Open yourself up to accepting Grace into your life and feel how Grace is transformed in your cells, how the energy of Grace shifts within your cells.

The more you are accepting and allowing of Grace in your life, in your body, the more the energy of Grace shifts in your cells into a tangible energy, so that all that you touch, and here is where it becomes, where Grace becomes physical, is through your touch.  That your touch brings Luck, is then the physical manifestation of Grace.

But when that acceptance is blocked, then that Luck turns into Lack.  There is an actual physical energetic interaction within your physical cells, in your bodies that shifts the energy of Grace into Luck or Lack.  And the Mechanism that controls that is Self Love.


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