— William Blake

An Open Heart

by Nick Ralls

I open my heart to be who I really am. I know that what other people think of me is none of my business and it matters only that I aspire to be my best me and to live my best life. I do not allow the energies and dramas of others to take me away from the truth, beauty and wisdom that is me.

WITH an open heart our life can be happy, fulfilled and so different. Because in this mode, we can allow love to enter our lives rather than always being focused on batting off the bricks that we find day to life throws at us.

We are simply able to be in a place where literally only sticks and stones could hurt us. We do not have to let the agendas, dramas and melodramas of others take us away from who we really are. We can fully appreciate that what anybody else thinks about us is really none of our business because it is all about them and instead, we can be the best person we can and live the best life we can without distraction.

It is obvious that when we focus on the insults, the wind ups, the attempts to control from others, our energy level drops and we are drawn into the fray. But when we understand, and understand we must, that they way people react us in how we mirror aspects in them and is not really about us at all, we can feel an enormous sense of freedom.

Because we no longer have to walk on egg shells. We no longer have to be dragged down to the level of another. We can forget all notions of being defensive because so often we have nothing to defend. And we do not have to justify ourselves to another.

Our ego likes to justify, to be right, to be noticed but quite frankly when we are in touch with who we really are we just are. In this state of alignment with our higher or greater self, feeling connecting to the universe as a whole or God or the Goddess or the Source, it frankly does not matter if someone in human form is judging us.

It only matters that we express ourselves from the state of love and grace that is the nature of our alignment. This means that when someone tears us off a strip as some like to do we can show love and compassion towards them.

When someone challenges us or berates us we simply do not have to accept or acknowledge their churlishness. When someone insults us or separates themselves from us we know that it is all about their journey, their state of being, their fear, their lessons to be learned and cannot take us away from the truth, beauty and wisdom of ourselves.

Mother Teresa knew just what a pain in the neck human behaviour could be just how people could be ungrateful, misunderstand her intentions or be illogical and proud. But she advised: love them anyway. Her legacy was to be regarded as one of the most loving people who has lived on the planet. And so it is with us if we dwell on this person or that who does not treat us as we would wish to be treated, if we enter battle and go down to their level then we might well be tarred with the same brush as them.

Indeed, we might well get into the same sort of behaviour as we so despise. We see nations doing this. Those who try to take on terrorists, end up guilty of the same behaviour as those who they seek to condemn. But this was not the way of Mother Teresa, she was going to love people despite their behaviour. One would assume she would not be drawn into the dramas of others, no nasty rebuke, no tit for tat response, no entry into the battleground of raw human emotion.

Just a case of loving these people who can be so out of sorts with our highest intentions and theirs, of course. So a vital part of opening our heart and staying in the room of love, is not to be swept into the energies and dramas of others, however much our ego would like us to prove ourselves right, would like to come out on top, would like to have the last word.

Instead, it is to love people who might not be singing from the same hymn sheet as us. There are plenty of people who will be. But so often we put so much energy into interacting and changing those who play the different tune that we are not able to write our own compositions and reach our own loving audience.

With an open heart, we have our own protection against the bricks thrown by others, those badly chosen words and all the screaming and kicking that people will project upon us as they battle with their demons in their own personality. With an open heart, we can be centered on who we really are. We can be love.


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