That which we do for another, we do also for ourselves.

— Joe Keana

An important message for Lightworkers and Starseeds 12th July 2012 fom the Arcturians

We are the Arcturians and we observe the distress many of you feel at the level of dissent and confusion in the do called ‘lightworker’ community. This is very clear to us in the case of the starseeds who are impatiently waiting for events such as disclosure and the disabling of the so called cabal. We see the harsh words and negative sentiments spoken in your blogs and newsletters and must draw your attention to the effect this is having on the whole Ascension mission.

What we see is the lack of clarity about the power of thought arising from minds steeped in separation consciousness. It is a basic spiritual lesson that as you think so shall you create and we see the manifestation of disordered thought and unmanaged ‘shadow’ selves is seriously affecting the light agenda on Earth. We wonder if you all realise that when you do not look within and heal your own discordant thoughts and emotions you become unwitting agents of the very darkness you want to overcome.

As the energies increase in power and the planet is infused with higher and more powerful forms of light from the Great Central Sun everything will be revealed, nothing will be hidden. You see that in all the revelations coming forth in your societies every day and thus it is meant to be. What we point out to you from our perspective of love and Oneness as members of your Galactic families is that it is time to look into your hearts. When you feel the surging of anger, judgment, impatience at the perceived lack of action from the Star Beings or feel other manifestation of 3rd dimensional consciousness separated from the light of the Creator within, then look into the mirror. Gaze into the windows of your own blessed soul and ask yourself: ‘Are these the thoughts I wish to empower on our beloved Earth today’.

Each of you needs to take responsibility, hold the light, meditate to find peace and love within your heart. Focus on bringing in the energies of the Great Central Sun from when we all came as pristine sparks of light and where we will all return when our soul’s journey is complete.

Remember who you are, act from the grace and integrity of your higher selves not the confusion of the negative ego. When you return to the stillness within and come from there, we are with you for that where to find us, in the peace and light of Oneness and Unity Consciousness.
We are the Arcturians your Star family and we love you.

Channelled by My-Ya
12th July 2012

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