Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do.

— Gerry Sikorski




~ ZOOM !!! ~

The energies of ‘A Mu’a have burst out into the world and are now making their presence felt on the physical. This will enable us to move forward. The Winds of Change are blowing mightily, sweeping away the old and expired and aligning us with our True Positions. Huge changes are coming into our lives. Many elements that were stuck or tethered into their old positions are now being set free. We are now entering a super Fast Track.

During our transition from the Library into the Forest, it’s not that the Library disappears, but that the two worlds are greatly rearranged until they merge with each other, creating a totally new landscape. We are becoming increasingly familiar with this merged landscape. We now know that some of our books are located in the branches of a tree and if we open a book and a bird flies out, it doesn’t surprise us. We simply greet the bird. We are now inhabiting an off the map, mixed up world and this makes every day an adventure.

July feels like a blank canvas. It’s not easy to see what is ahead. This makes some people frustrated and impatient. This Pregnant Emptiness makes them nervous, so they start frantically grabbing any paints they can find and throw them on their blank canvas. This is exactly what we should not do. We need to wait until the colors appear on our canvas, without trying to influence the outcome.

If the changes that we most want don’t appear to be happening in our lives, we don’t need to become frustrated or bitter. The rearranging of our internal and external landscapes is extremely intricate, amazingly thorough and multi-dimensional. This process often utilizes a lot of our energy, sometimes leaving us little energy to cope with daily life.

At the same time, we are still carrying experiences and expectations from the old world of the past that we know so well. They tell us that certain things should develop at a certain speed, but this isn’t what is happening right now. Our newly rearranged, merging landscape of Library – Forest has a different time frame. Some things in our lives may feel very slowed down, but if we perceive the full magnitude of what is really going on, we realize that nothing is slow. It’s all in Zoom-Mode. It’s just moving so fast that it appears to be slow.

The profusion and sheer magnitude of what is happening right now can be overwhelming and confusing at times. Or it can be exciting and awesome. It depends on our point of view and on how strongly we cling onto the Way Things Used To Be. This is the chaos that precedes birth. Some of us have a natural aptitude for navigating chaos, while others find it much more challenging. When we flow with the changes, we feel optimistic and that “Life is good.” When we resist them, we are filled with bitterness and rage and think that “Life is tough.” Much depends on our attitude and perceptions of what is going on.

Some of us begin July in a state of expanded vastness. This makes it possible to work on the level of pure energy, yet makes us feel somewhat blank when we try to do mental tasks. We are in a state of profound No-Mind. For me, making a new mandala or washing dishes is much easier than gathering my perceptions to write this Surf Report.

We are in a perpetual state of letting go. The ‘A Mu’a can close doors to our old situations so that new doors can open. When this happens, it’s important that we accept these changes and know that they are happening for our benefit. If we are willing to be true to ourself and accept what is not working in our lives, or what no longer belongs there, now is a profound time for closure.

We are paddling our boats at super speed, while being stretched way beyond our old comfort zones. We are moving through our Perfect Storms and the Melons are falling all around us. We are juggling not only oranges, but worlds, entire cycles of lifetimes, our True Purpose and Wildest Dreams, along with All that We Are and All that We Have Ever Been.

We are on the Fast Track now and speeding forward on a direct trajectory into our True Positions. We stand strong in the centerpoint of RIGHT TIME – RIGHT PLACE. We are ready!

Solara’s complete JULY 2012 Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!



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