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Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra
Brotherhood of Light

07 July 2012

Good evening! Magandang gabi!

For this note, Ra of the Brotherhood of Light will focus on the catalytic aid coming from the galaxy aimed at facilitating Terrans’ ascension to 4th dimension. The Galactic Logos & Logoi Aides have deputized certain galactic guardians to do such a gargantuan task, two (2) of which are most known to you: Sananda and Ashtar.

Both Sananda and Ashtar are Ascended Beings who have attained a level of spiritual evolution referred to as Dhyan Chohan or Planetary Spirit. A very stupendous process twill take for a spiritual Initiate to reach that level, which incidentally the Buddha and couples of Terra’s ministering Adepts have attained.

Peoples across the globe have become aware of Sananda as the Oversoul of Jesus. So let me clarify this point with a few elaborations to spare.

Jesus was Chohan of the Age of Pisces, a truly difficult Age that was fraught with abominable exploits by the Fallen Ones. Jesus Christ took on the returning karma of Terrans during the Age, a mission that resulted to the stoppage of the further evolutionary descent of mankind to the hovels of darkness.

Jesus Christ’s role as messiah or Chohan of the Age is now over. It was a Mission Accomplished status altogether, which merits the Mahavatar Issa (his name in Asia) billions worth of applauses…and elevation to a level of work that is more challenging.

His reunion with his Oversoul already completed, likewise his merger with his Twinflame Lady Mary Magdala completed, Jesus is thus rewarded with a next-level challenging task as Sananda. His status as Galactic Guardian has been formalized, and so he administers the Galactic Command which is the echelon of the very large and complex Galactic Confederation.

Co-partnering with him in that mission is another Dhyan Chohan, Ashtar. Little known from this facet of Solaria (well known among higher dimension planets including Venus), Ashtar’s spiritual perfection was attained during the previous Manvantara or Evolutionary Round yet.

Among those Dhyan Chohans who were revived or re-awakened during the beginnings of this present Manvantara (over 3.3 billions of years ago yet), Ashtar thus spent colossal efforts in helping to catalyze the descent of the Life-Wave on diverse planets across the Omniverse or Multi-Universes.

Catalyzing life by the Dhyan Chohans means enabling the newly-emanated (created) Monads (God-selves) descend on the waiting planets. There the Monads altogether constituted a Life-Wave for the planet, which enabled the evolution of mineral, vegetative, animal, and devic life-forms. Humanity evolved at the tail end of the devic stage on a planet, thus the term devic-man for present humans.

As Dhyan Chohan, Ashtar enabled the birthing of Souls from newly “born” Oversouls or Christ Bodies. Thus he is identified as Father by many souls across the galaxy and beyond, being in fact a Dhyan Chohan who aided the process of soul-projection.

His Life-Wave enabling task is long over at this point, as the Manvantara has already more than reached the midpoint (from Divine spheres down to the descending arc of evolution). The upward arc of evolution across many worlds is now the dominant reality, and so Ashtar and other Dhyan Chohans must be given tasks coherent with the reality and challenges of ensuring the return of ascending souls to their Christ Selves, Monads, and to the Father-Mother at the pralaya (diffusion) phase of the Manvantara.

As Galactic Guardians, Sananda and Ashtar will oversee the administration of balance & order, procure the greatest peace, and enforce Galactic Deities’ fiats aimed at an ordered ascent of all humans and deserving worlds to the higher realms.

Incidentally, a special task force—aimed at facilitating Terrans’ ascent —known as the Ashtar Command has been constituted from within the frame of the Galactic Command. This mission platform constitutes the rationale for the new Interplanetary Guardians among Terra’s Ascended Masters for interface and mission conduct.


Source: Frayne D. Argonza

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