The soul attracts that which it secretly harbours; that which it loves, and also that which it fears.

— James Allen

Beyond Impressions

H e a v e n l e t t e r s:
by Gloria Wendroff

Harmony of the heart is being in tune with Me. Harmony does not have to mean agreement. Harmony is more like peace. People can be opposed in their thoughts and opinions, and yet there is no opposition. There is acceptance. There is no need to change how anyone thinks. What does it matter if one calls the sky green and the grass blue?

Ways to think cannot be forced. No one can be made to think one way or another. It is not obligatory. Thoughts do change, yet they can change only of their own accord. Thoughts have a will of their own. You cannot by dint of will change even your own thoughts let alone someone else’s. Yet the day will come when your thoughts do change.

Thoughts resemble beliefs. You believe what you believe. No matter what the reward or punishment, you can only believe what you believe. You can act differently from what you believe. You can pretend to believe and not yet believe. Yet it is good to have your thoughts and actions coincide. If you think to do a kind act, follow through on it. Do not let opportunities go by. Then you will not have regrets. A kind thought is good. A kind thought acted on is better.

By what means do thoughts change? You cannot make them change, yet thoughts change. Thoughts change when a light goes on. Your thoughts are based on your perceptions. How you think depends upon how you see.

Today you see the person in front of you as a friend. Tomorrow you may see him as a foe. Have you not experienced this or vice versa? The person before you is what you make of him. You paint your own picture with the brushes of your perception.

You may say that another person’s words, actions or reactions are what you base your thoughts on. Beloveds, you base your thoughts on your interpretation of another’s words, actions, or reactions. You must know this is so. There may be someone you cannot tolerate, and someone else loves that person you cannot tolerate. You may say that the person you don’t like shows himself in a different light to the one who loves him. That may well be so. And yet it is also possible that he gives the best of himself because the one who loves him sees him differently and treats him differently too.

Your interpretations are everything, beloveds.

This is true in nations as well. In one culture, a certain action is considered lovely. In another culture, it may be viewed as not lovely. If you see friendliness, odds are you will respond in friendliness. If you see aloofness, odds are you will be aloof also.

What else is there to say, beloveds, but that you think and act based upon your impressions. True or false, right or wrong, you respond to how you see. Now you are coming to the point where you go beyond impressions. You come to the point where you come from, not where you surmise someone else to be, but from where you are. You are not to spend your life bouncing off other people. If you must bounce, bounce off Me, beloveds. It will feel good, and you will be so gentle.

You will stand on a mountain top. You will be the mountain. What fuss will a mountain make of grass that grows at its feet. What will the mountain mind? What will it object to? What will it not love when it stands so tall above the madding crowd?

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