Love, Light and Peace.


What is the truth in “lightworking”?

You never needed more then yourself

Everything around you is only as hard as you made it to be
like working out, if you dont use this time and life to master, when i say master, to learn to strengthen self, what are you doing?
all the rest is nonsense
lies and overplayed nonsense
your job, your food, most your needs and wants, overplayed nonsense
money…all lies deciet and nonsense, stagnant distorted nonsense
if you see who you are, look inside, and learn, you’d know this is beyond a doubt true
like a angel, god, goddess, etc.(im using this as a closest resemblance), they don’t sleep, eat, need money to attain happiness, need jobs
Its starts within for where and what you want or need
But we cant just roll to our greater selves, greater spaces, greater lives, we must take baby steps
THIS is lightworking

The earth is a blessing, it can teach you all any ascended master has to teach, any miracle an angel can work. Look around, look inside, if you are not using your time wisely i suggest you would. To literally, and i mean literally bring heaven on earth you must walk the steps, no being, god itself or not will walk it for you. Heaven is not a place you go when you die, heaven is the highest state of inhabitance. To get there we must work ourselves to deem ourselves gifts worthy. And before i go, i will say this for i can write endlessly, stop using crutches, whether these entities due exsist, you must gain self worth in growth, nothing can bless you it with a magical zing. Even if it could i doubt it would. Its earned not given. Next time for all you channelers, perhaps if you havnt ask, “Please help reveal my world for me to grow from.” Too many people be blind or hazy looking around. We must re-learn ourselves and that is our true identity, our earth, everything in it good and bad, we’ve never needed more to be set. When they say, “We came along because progress was not felt as it was meant to happen” i think they would back me on my claim that the teaching before you have fell to bi-products of learning. This teaching, this knowing, this place, was never meant to last forever. We must move forward not stagnate. Although i think you may find this true very soon.


Source: Trainee

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