When you free yourself from the bondage of self-doubt and follow your intuition, which is actually your inner-spirit seeking to gently guide you, you will be led to the destination that your soul truly seeks and the universe will fill in the details.

— Joe Keane

Peace, Harmony and Abundance Are About to Occur – No Ifs, Ands or Buts! – Saul

It does seem to some of you that you have been waiting an interminable amount of time for your awakening, and this is mainly because time seems to pass so slowly when you live in enthusiastic expectation of an event that you know will bring you all amazing happiness, the like of which has never before been experienced on Earth. And your expectations are absolutely valid.

There will be no disappointments because what God delivers is always way beyond expectations! And He will deliver.

You have been promised a New World in which peace, happiness, harmony and abundance are eternally present for all, and this is what is about to occur – no ifs, ands, or buts! And when it happens your hearts will be filled, infinitely, with joy. A joy so intense that it is utterly beyond your ability to imagine; it has to be experienced, as it most certainly will.That is the Good News. And while it may not be new news, because you have always known that its time is coming, it is eternal, timeless, and permanent. What you are waiting for is almost upon you, and signs of the great changes that will herald this grand moment are appearing all over the world.

Only those who wish to be unaware are unable to sense the air of excitement and anticipation that has enveloped you all. And free will allows them to cling to that unawareness.

Needless to say, many of the unaware are beginning to wonder whether it makes any sense for them to continue clinging to this state of stubborn inflexibility which sees only continuing and insurmountable problems all over the world due to people’s inability to cooperate for the benefit of all. They have an inner sense that there has to be a better way.

They know, because all on Earth know – even though that knowledge may presently be buried under monumental amounts of debris – that life is intended to be an eternal experience of infinite joy.

Nevertheless, because of the unhappy conditions that the illusion provides, and the suffering and pain it offers constantly to all who choose to focus their energies on those aspects of it, they find it very difficult to respond positively to the hope that has started to seep into their consciousness. They look at history, their own or the world’s, and are very disheartened for it seems that it just endlessly repeats itself.

Because of the work that the Light-holders are doing – changing their attitudes by releasing all that is unloving, and embracing compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness towards all – the divine energy field enveloping the planet is intensifying and infiltrating the individual energy fields of everyone on Earth at this time, and awaking within them the hope and the faith that has lain there for so long hidden and unacknowledged.

The loving spiritual assistance that is pouring down on Earth at this point in your evolution is constantly increasing to ensure that all receive their divine wake-up call. Not to awaken is a conscious decision not to hear, not to listen, and not to be aware, that has to be taken by anyone who remains unaware of humanity’s unfolding spiritual evolution.

Nevertheless, the divine energy field will not cease in its attempts to persuade them that they are dearly loved and that their awakening will bring them untold joy. It is inevitable that eventually, when their suffering becomes unbearable and they choose to surrender their will to God’s, they will accept this divine offer, which is always available and will never be withdrawn, and then they will be lovingly drawn into God’s divine embrace.

If any of your loved ones seem to be unwilling, or are determinedly refusing, to allow themselves to open to the joyful energies flowing across the planet, just silently and quietly send them love and acceptance, and know that when they are ready – and their readiness is inevitable, eventually – they too will awaken. No one will be forsaken, so do not worry yourselves about them.

Divine destiny has a most wonderful outcome planned for every single one of you without exception. Eternal ecstasy and infinite joy for all are divinely assured.

With so very much, love, Saul.

As Channeled by John Smallman

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